Call for EOIs to conduct an Orana Freight & Logistics capability analysis


Call for EOIs to conduct an Orana Freight & Logistics capability analysis

Regional Development Australia (RDA) Orana is working alongside key business stakeholders to emphasize the need for a regional study to evidence the freight and logistics capability and to drive productivity across the Orana region. Tenders will close Monday 28 March for a freight and logistics capability study of the region.

The strategic freight and logistics linkages present in the Orana region are significant including multiple highways, rail to Newcastle, the inland rail and air services. The region is commodity driven and its productivity is reliant on efficient and effective networks.

With an Australian Logistics Council study showing that a 1% improvement in productivity in the logistics industry would boost GDP by $2 billion, it is critical that logistics projects that demonstrate improved supply chain efficiency receive equal consideration to other infrastructure projects.

Australia‘s freight task is forecast to increase significantly in the coming decades, with the Bureau of Infrastructure, Transport and Regional Economics (BITRE) predicting almost a doubling of the 2010 task by 2030. Industry and Government at all levels have recognised the need for improvements and investment in regional infrastructure, especially in relation to freight and logistics requirements.

 “The economic viability and prosperity of the region provides the impetus for RDA Orana to have a comprehensive feasibility study on all types of freight transfers and the logistics involved in handling freight both to and from the region. This study will complement the Air Freight study, for which tenders close on Monday 14 March,” said RDA Orana CEO, Felicity Taylor-Edwards.  

“A report of this nature will potentially reduce duplication of studies and ad hoc requests for funding; integrate them into a regional perspective; maintain stability to industry, communities and the region; increase regional investment and enhance regional productivity,” said Ms Taylor-Edwards.

The study will combine results from other studies; research and papers with data; and grounded business evidence from key stakeholders, users and providers. This will provide a compelling document that may be used to influence policy; evidence suitable government and industry funds and investment; and assist in improved efficient and effective use of resources.

“We are uniquely positioned within NSW. Our region and its industries are located to take advantage of access to all three NSW ports. Subsequently our businesses can be exposed to the inconsistencies which exist in both policy and infrastructure standards across transport modes, whether that is road or rail,” said Ms Taylor-Edwards.

“Inconsistency invariably leads to increased costs within a supply chain, a situation which places our export industries at a marked disadvantage when attempting to compete globally.  Ensuring complete policy alignment with regulators, state government departments and local councils will eliminate duplication and inconsistencies across jurisdictions. This will enhance the capacity of the sector to be agile, knowing that there is one set of regulations and processes to follow.”

For more information on the study contact RDA Orana on 68851488 or visit

Media Contact: Felicity Taylor-Edwards, CEO (02) 6885 1488

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