Callout to Korean War veterans and families


Callout to Korean War veterans and families

RDA Orana is looking forward to hosting South Korean Consul General Whie Jin Lee, in Dubbo on the 22-23 March. He has expressed a keen desire to meet those surviving Korean War veterans, their widows and/or family members. Whilst in the region, he would like to acknowledge the sacrifices made by the veterans during the Korean War and pay respect to them and their families and award Peace medals where appropriate.

“RDA Orana needs your help in seeking information of Korean War veterans or their extended families who may still be living in the region. This includes their widows, families and extended families. The Consul General will be retiring soon, and we are honoured that he has chosen to visit the Orana as one of his final undertakings in the role,” said John Walkom, Chair of RDA Orana.

“We would really appreciate it if anyone who knows of the following people or their families and how to contact them could please get in contact with our office,” said John.

  • Angus, Donald Roy
  • Boughton, John Keith
  • Brown, Robert Stephen
  • Carolan, Anthony Terrence
  • Clare, Ronald
  • Collins, George William
  • Corkill, William John
  • Cross, Stanley
  • Dawson, Harold Edward
  • Dawson, Roy Leslie
  • Dohnt, Balfour
  • Edwards, Charles Ellery
  • Edwards, William Harold
  • Fell, William Thomas
  • Fraser, Alexander
  • Gemmell, James Hugh
  • Gilfuis, William Charles
  • Green, Jeffrey John
  • Hales, Colin Yeoman
  • Hill, Norman John
  • Hudson, Douglas Stanley
  • Jackson, Donald Norman
  • King, Victor Keith
  • Lucas, Neville William
  • Lynch, Patrick Mervyn
  • Maher, Leslie Brian
  • Moore, Donald Arthur
  • Osborne, Lovell Austin
  • Peck, Kevin John
  • Peck, Nigel Peter
  • Ponsonby, William John
  • Pope, Brian William
  • Ray, Philip James
  • Reid, Henry James
  • Sharp, George Alfred
  • Stuart, Raymond Col
  • Sunderland, Mervyn Thomas
  • Walker, James Alfred
  • Weston, Charles Maxwell
  • Whitney, Neville William

RDA Orana can be contacted on 6885 1488 or by emailing

Media Contact: Felicity Taylor-Edwards, CEO (02) 6885 1488

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