CEO Update October 2015


CEO Update October 2015

For most of the year, the RDA Orana team has been guilty of saying ‘we just need to get through until October’. Well October is here and it’s shaping up to be just as busy as anticipated.

Recently, we were able to announce our new committee. We’ve been able to meet with them since the announcement, and are so glad to have them on board. Their knowledge and guidance will be invaluable in the next phase of RDA Orana’s work.

In many ways this next phase will see RDA Orana endeavouring to work more and more on the national and global stage. Economic development does not happen in a vacuum, and our region’s supply chains, customers, products and workers aren’t just self-sufficient within our borders.

Expanding our horizons has seen us forge significant partnerships with South Korean governments, training providers, investors and businesses, which were further developed on my travels to Korea in September. Our Chair and I were also able to attend a conference on Agriculture in the Asian Century also in Queensland, and I’ve shared some of the great insights from this conference with you later in this newsletter.

Looking globally does not, of course, mean that we cease to act locally or regionally. We were very proud to join 10 Orana councils in developing and unveiling the Love the Life we Live website. This site contains a world of information on living in our towns and villages and why we love the life we live. While the site is targeted toward ‘regional relocators’, we’re keen to engage with businesses to spread the word. If you are an employer seeking skilled talent from outside the region, and are looking to show off the great lifestyle opportunities, this website will be a great resource. There is also opportunity to advertise industrial land and businesses for sale.

This month there is still plenty to look forward to. We are excited to join our peers and colleagues at SEGRA in Bathurst next week (the Sustainable Economic Growth in Regional Australia conference), and will host a Korean delegation following the conference.

We are also looking forward to hosting our second annual Orana Outlook Dinner, and thank all the sponsors associated with the event.

But wait, there’s more, following this we’ll be sponsoring and presenting the Excellence in Innovation Award at the 20th Annual Dubbo Rhino Awards.

It’s great to see so many reasons to celebrate the diversity and strength of the Orana, and to have the chance to show off our region and make connections on a national and global stage.

That being said, we’ll all be looking forward to getting our feet back under our desks in November! I look forward to telling you all about the results of the next few weeks then.

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