Cobar conference promotes economic potential of carbon


Cobar conference promotes economic potential of carbon

Regional Development Australia Orana was proud to present at the Rangelands Carbon Conference, hosted by Western Local Land Services on 28-20 October in Cobar. About 160 people attended.

CEO, Felicity Taylor Edwards said, “Realising the potential of the current local carbon market has seen in excess of $250 million enter the Orana region, mostly in the western area. Conference participants heard great examples of the impact this new income stream has had on the ability of landholders to undertake additional works to improve the more productive areas of their holdings, employing local people in the process. This is an opportunity the whole region should be aware of.”

The importance of soil carbon in restoring and maintaining agricultural productivity was emphasised in presentations by both soil science experts and landholders. There were also excellent presentations relating to the taxation and land valuation implications of carbon abatement contracts, and clear information about the process of developing, registering and implementing a project.

RDA Orana promoted the concept that landholders should consider carbon abatement as a new commodity.

“We are seeing the benefit of farmers conducting whole of farm planning to assess the profitability of carbon abatement and other benefits alongside more traditional diverse farming and livestock practices. The work we have done in this area has been conducted with Vanguard Business Services, Carbon Farmers Australia and local landholders. We were pleased to share the results of this collaborative work with the attendees at the conference Carbon Expo. ”

“We also had the opportunity to talk to conference participants about our Orana BioHub Feasibility study.” This project, being finalised in the coming weeks, lays the foundation for the development of a BioHub to process INS in the Cobar area. Signs are very positive that the project will be feasible, which is expected to attract greater investment to the region.”

“The Orana Carbon Project aims to make participation in the various government carbon abatement schemes more achievable through sharing information on the opportunities available, and where to find expert advice on developing an eligible project.”

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