Delegates Impressed by Region’s Training Systems


Delegates Impressed by Region’s Training Systems

On Monday and Tuesday, Regional Development Australia Orana hosted a delegation in Dubbo from Korea’s Catholic Sangji College (CSC). The CSC delegates were thoroughly impressed by the capacity of TAFE, CSU and Fletcher International Exports to deliver world-class education and training across wide-ranging areas of study.

During their visit, the group visited all three TAFE Western campuses, the CSU campus and Fletchers. At TAFE, the delegates observed face-to-face lessons and video conferencing technology, and toured the automotive, hair and beauty, building and construction, and child care facilities. The delegates’ visit coincided with a visit to TAFE from the NSW Minister for Aboriginal Affairs The Hon. Leslie Williams. They enjoyed a traditional welcome to country by Lewis Burns and heard the didgeridoo played for the first time. After meetings with key academic staff, the visit resulted in the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding between CSC and TAFE Western for academic partnership and articulation of courses.

The group toured the CSU campus and were particularly impressed by the new dental facility, as well as the enthusiasm of students taking part in a nursing class. The delegates were also interested to learn about some of Australia’s history from CSU Dubbo’s Head of Campus and Foundation Professor of Indigenous Studies, Jeannie Herbert.

The delegates also visited Fletchers International, where they discussed the details of a training partnership arrangement through an MOU and took part in a tour. During the discussions, CSC showed excitement towards partnering with Fletchers to capitalise on training not available in South Korea.

“International education is Australia’s third-largest export,” said Felicity Taylor-Edwards, CEO of Regional Development Australia Orana.

“As we look to diversify the region’s economic base, this is certainly an avenue that should be and is being explored.”

“We are thrilled with the resulting academic partnerships of this visit, which will not only facilitate the exchange of education, but also promote the Orana region to an international audience and further develop positive business relationships with South Korea.” said Felicity.

“This is not only a Memorandum of Understanding, but also a Memorandum of Action,” said Kate Baxter, Director of TAFE Western after signing the MOU with CSC.

“We are excited about the opportunities that will arise from this newly formed relationship with CSC, and we look forward to working with you. We would also like to thank RDA Orana, because without them this visit would not have happened,” said Kate.

“The partnerships formed during this visit will allow prospective Korean trainees to be educated to enable them to successfully articulate to the Orana training and work environment,” Felicity said.

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