Deputy PM Truss to consult with regional communities on policy


Deputy PM Truss to consult with regional communities on policy

Regional Development Australia (RDA) Orana is welcoming the news from Deputy Prime Minister, Warren Truss that Assistant Minister Michael McCormack will visit regional Australia in the coming months to consult with regional leaders and organisations about policy development.

The Australian government has taken significant steps in securing the prosperity of Australian regions. An unprecedented $50 billion investment in infrastructure, trade agreements with some of our largest trading partners and the innovation and science agenda are some of the initiatives providing opportunities for communities, business and industry across the country.

Minister Truss has said that grassroots input is central to the Federal Government’s plans and that Minister McCormack will travel across Australia to talk to a diverse range of local community leaders, regional businesses, academic institutions and regional Australians.

The consultations are designed to inform a long term vision for regional Australia.

“This is exciting news for the Orana. Government is acknowledging the importance of regional Australia to the nation’s economy and is doing grounded consultation across regional Australia about the direction,” said John Walkom, Chair of RDA Orana.

“This demonstrates the emphasis and importance that the Federal Government is placing on our regions.”

“The conversations will focus on growing opportunities through innovation and investing in infrastructure, which are two key priority areas for RDA Orana. There is amazing opportunity and growth for our area.”

“I would strongly encourage people in the Orana to consider ideas that they might put forward to the Minister, in order to take advantage of this significant opportunity.”

“The consultations will involve discussions which will provide a direct channel for Government to hear first-hand community solutions to respond to challenges and harness opportunity to build a prosperous future. I encourage you to contact us to present your views,” said Mr Walkom.

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