New apprenticeship to revolutionise truckie training


New apprenticeship to revolutionise truckie training

Regional Development Australia (RDA) Orana has welcomed an announcement from TAFE NSW Transport and Logistics Industry Liaison Unit (T&LILU). TAFE T&LILU have announced a proposal for a new qualification and apprenticeship for the transport and logistics industry which is expected to change the way the industry trains new and existing truck drivers.

“We welcome TAFE’s response to both industry feedback and the results of RDA Orana and stakeholders’ research Workforce Capacity of the Orana Region. This report included a number of employer surveys and focus groups and employers identified road and rail drivers as of one of the top 10 most difficult occupations to fill both currently and anticipated in the next 5 years,” said Robyn Lamont, Acting EO of RDA Orana.

“We congratulate TAFE on developing a proactive strategy to address some of these skills shortages, and their goal to build a workforce that will sustain the transport and logistics industry into the future,” said Robyn.

“The proposed qualification known as Certificate 3 in General Heavy Vehicle Operations focusses on the broader skillset needed for truck drivers beyond licencing requirements.  The new qualification is expected to increase participation in the industry and formalise skills for those already working in the industry,” said Eleze Drew, Industry Liaison Coordinator at TAFE T&LILU.

“The aim is to attract young people into the transport sector as a career as industry data indicates there is an ageing workforce, with the average age of truck drivers now over 50 years old. There is a real need to attract younger people to the industry and to keep them engaged to become effective, long term employees,” said Eleze.

The report can be accessed via the following link: .

Media contact: Eleze Drew, Coordinator, or (02) 6768 2429   

Robyn Lamont, A/EO, RDA Orana, (02) 6885 1488

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