Smashed avo with Salt


Smashed avo with Salt

With terms like PUMCIN, goat’s cheese curtain and NETTELS,* the creator of the smashed avo generation kept the audience enthralled with stories about gen gaps and using cushions as status symbols. As the keynote speaker at RDA Orana’s inaugural Orana@Work Employer Summit, futurist Bernard Salt cleverly used societal shifts to analyse business trends. He advised that Australia is ideally placed to take advantage of the growing needs of the world’s population and that everyone needs to start thinking like an entrepreneur in their business approach.

“It’s not about identifying the latest course of needs. Australia has what the rest of the world wants - food security, water, energy, resources and other commodities.

Our predicted population will top out at 11 billion at the end of the 21st century and I think there is going to be a mad scramble to have what the rest of the world will project. It will be wanted in greater quantities over the course of time.

What defines us will be our ability to deliver agribusiness to the rest of the world.

Australia is a place of rising prosperity and there are other rising forces that require our agribusiness. Australia must embark on a culture of entrepreneurship. The top companies in the USA are all tech companies: Apple, Google, Amazon, Microsoft and Facebook, while Australia the big banks and mining giant BHP make up the Top 5.

We need to shift the way the average Australian thinks about the concept of entrepreneurship. We need to affect the culture shift from the grassroots.

And whatever is happening at the next level is happening at Orana level.”

*Explanation of terms:

PUMCINS: Professional Urban Middle Class In Nice Suburbs

Goat’s Cheese Curtain: People who don’t eat at Mcdonald’s

NETTELS: Not Enough Time To Enjoy Life

KIPPERS: Kids In Parents Pockets Eroding Retirement Savings

LOMBARD: Lots Of Money But A Real Dickhead

Other guest speakers at the summit included recruitment adviser Greg Savage, Early Rise Baking HR Manager Jill Campbell, Kate Whiteley from Three Rivers Machinery and EMS Group director Tom Cavanagh.


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