Work Inspiration at Crowe Horwath


Work Inspiration at Crowe Horwath

Regional Development Australia Orana is congratulating Dubbo School of Distance Education and accounting firm Crowe Horwath, who will be holding the school’s first Work Inspiration this Wednesday 5 August.

Staff from the Dubbo School of Distance Education and Crowe Horwath will run the Work Inspiration program, providing students from the Orana region who cannot attend mainstream schools, with valuable exposure to workplace environments.

The Work Inspiration project, designed to inspire school students about the world of work, was brought to the region by Regional Development Australia (RDA) Orana through The Smith Family, NAB and Foundation for Young Australians. RDA Orana has helped to create strong partnerships with schools and employers, in order to provide students with an insight into post-school employment.

“One of the key findings from our regional workforce research was that many young people are not practically ready for the labour market and are not sure what to expect or what is expected of them.” said Felicity Taylor-Edwards, CEO of RDA Orana.

“Work Inspiration is a strategic project, aimed at inspiring young students and assisting them in their transition from school into the workforce.”

During the program, students have the opportunity to assess their own motivators, learn about various career opportunities and recognise how each role fits into a workplace. They are also grouped with employees, in order to research specific career paths, and have the chance to create their own networks within the employment world.

“I look forward to providing my students with an opportunity to learn about various roles, and feel confident that they will complete the program with a greater understanding of the world of work,” said Timothy Quayle, Careers Advisor of Dubbo School of Distance Education.

“Crowe Horwath is happy to support the Work Inspiration initiative, as we believe that local students benefit from being exposed to our workplace. From an employer’s perspective, it is also beneficial for us to teach the students about career paths within our industry, as potentially this could lead to employment within our company,” said Rachel Smith, Human Resources Officer at Crowe Horwath. “It is great to see this opportunity being embraced by local schools and employers. I commend Dubbo College and the Dubbo School of Distance Education, as well as the employers involved in the program,” said Felicity Taylor-Edwards.

Media are invited to attend the Crowe Horwath Work Inspiration on Wednesday 5 August and details are as follows:

Date: Wednesday 5 August

Venue: Crowe Horwath

Address: 2 Commercial Ave (BlueRidge business park)

Time: 11:00am-12:30 pm.

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