Rangelands Carbon Conference

8:30 am - 5:00 pm


Cobar Bowling and Golf Club, Bloxham St


Fiona Harris, 02 6870 8627 fiona.harris@lls.nsw.gov.au


The Rangelands Carbon Conference has a broad agenda to address all aspects of the emerging carbon economy in the Australian Rangelands.

The Conference Program is now available.

Themes will include:

  • The Emissions Reduction Fund – structure, function and financial implications.
  • The science of carbon sequestration and emissions reduction.
  • Land Sector activities and projects.
  • Policy and program implications of the carbon economy.
  • Rangelands climate change and adaptation.
  • Practical workshops on project development and participation in the carbon economy.
  • Ongoing management of sequestration projects.
  • Opportunities for the integration of carbon projects with improved land management practices.
  • The legal aspects of contracts, commitments and permanence.


Registration is free and includes access to the Carbon Expo held in conjunction with the conference.

The Conference dinner on 28 October is optional and costs $53.

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