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Enabling infrastructure is vital to the economic success of the region. Regional Development Australia Orana actively consult and research to identify infrastructure needs in the Orana as well as those pieces of infrastructure that may exist outside the region’s boundaries but have a profound impact on the region’s economy. We then work as a partner, facilitator or leader to secure infrastructure investment for these projects.

Current projects include:

The Orana regional economy is heavily reliant on agriculture. While the region produces a diverse array of agricultural produce, the majority is sold in bulk as a commodity rather than as differentiated product. For both products and commodities, minimising the cost and improving the reliability and timeliness of getting products to their respective markets is critical to maintaining those markets and accessing new ones. RDA Orana has commissioned this study to provide information that will help improve productivity for existing enterprises and identify opportunities for diversification, in line with both Federal and State priorities which focus on investing in enabling infrastructure. An important outcome of the study will be the identification of freight and logistics “bottlenecks” or “pinch points”, where aging, inadequate or absent infrastructure creates inefficiencies in the supply chain.

Another key component of this work is an examination of the feasibility of establishing an international air freight facility in the Orana region. This will include a scan of the Asian market opportunities, taking into account the recent Free Trade Agreements, market trends and expectations, and the type and volume of products that could be supplied from the Orana and surrounding regions if such a facility were available. The target here is high value, low volume premium goods that are time-sensitive; the value of bulk commodities do not warrant the extra costs of air freight over existing transportation.

The study will include substantial input from industry and government sectors. A formal engagement process involving interviews and round table discussions is planned, and an online survey has been provided to allow input from other interested parties (click here to complete the survey).

The report is due for completion at the end of November.

The Orana and Far West regions together comprise around 40% of the total state of NSW. Contributing significantly to the economic vitality of the state, and to Australia’s GDP, these regions form the backbone of NSW. The future prosperity of regional NSW and its continued competitiveness depends upon the adequacy of infrastructure in this region, and its connections to the rest of Australia and to the world.

Regional Development Australia Orana, working alongside industry, the Department of Premier & Cabinet, Department of Planning and Environment and the Orana Regional Organisation of Councils has undertaken a Regional Infrastructure Audit and developed a Masterplan for the Orana Region. A similar project has been completed for the Far West Region. The Masterplans focus on those pieces of region-shaping infrastructure or infrastructure ‘bundles’ determined to have the greatest potential overall economic impact.

The Orana Infrastructure Masterplan is now available, and provides insight into a range of projects that are considered “priority” for economic development in the region.

RDA Orana Infrastructure Assessment Report RDA Orana Infrastructure Assessment Report (1025 KB)

With a substantial agriculture industry and the ongoing presence of mining operations in the Orana, more and more pressure is being placed on transport infrastructure; road, rail and air.

Together, Regional Development Australia Orana and Hunter commissioned a study to assess the existing demand and possibilities for improving infrastructure and links to Port via the Golden Highway.

This report Linking the Hunter and Orana Region—establishing the Case for Improving the Golden Highway was released in February 2014 by (former) Deputy Premier Andrew Stoner and forms the basis of activities to progress the systematic upgrade of the Golden Highway.

At this launch Regional Development Australia Orana and Hunter formed a project control group, comprising councils and business along the route. Since this time the Federal and NSW State Governments have dedicated funds in excess of $175m to this region shaping infrastructure of the Golden Highway. A ‘Phase 2’ update was developed in 2015 to ensure the ongoing relevancy of the study.