Other Activities and Partnerships

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Current projects include:

RDA Orana is supporting the Warrumbungle Shire Council in investigating the potential for a Geopark centred on the Warrumbungles National Park. Registration as a Geopark and subsequent membership in the Global Geoparks Network would bring a range of economic and other benefits to the region, associated mainly with tourism. While the prospects are good, there is a significant body of work required in researching and compiling the information required for application to UNESCO. Applications are only accepted in October and November each year; it is expected that if an application is to be lodged, it will be in the 2017 application period.

RDA Orana is providing logistical and coordination support to investigate the feasibility of establishing and promoting an outback tourism ring road. The route begins at Dubbo (as the regional transport hub), then proceeds to Cobar, out to Tibooburra, down through Broken Hill to Wentworth and Balranald, to Hay and Goolgowi and back to Cobar along the Kidman Way. There are also options for entering the circuit at other key locations and/or creating smaller ring roads or side trips along the route. While the majority of necessary tourist attractions and related facilities already exists, the proposal will require a coordinated and consistent approach to promotion of the entire area. This will require the support of councils and other relevant stakeholders. Upgrades of some sections of road would also assist this initiative in the medium-term.