Get To Know Us

Regional Development Australia Orana is part of a national initiative charged with leading economic development across our regions. Our team work to identify, develop and execute strategic projects that will encourage economic growth. We are a catalyst, working to drive innovation, infrastructure and new jobs in the region. This includes researching and identifying barriers to growth, informing policy and working with business, industry, government and community to promote the region within Australia and globally.

Regional Development Australia Orana is a not-for-profit organisation, led by a committee appointed by both State and Federal Ministers responsible for regional development. We also offer research, grant writing, editing and other fee for service on a needs basis.

Our work is guided by the Orana Regional Plan 2013-2016, which was developed in consultation with community, business and local government across the Orana region. Our priorities are:

  • Economic diversification & sustainability
  • Workforce planning & development
  • Business investment
  • Infrastructure
  • Whole-of-government planning 


By 2020, elevate the value of the Orana region, advance economic development and embrace new opportunities to create communities where people want to invest and live.


To build relationships with stakeholders and work in partnership with our communities to drive regional development, investment and diversification of our economy to ensure the Orana is a vibrant, growing and sustainable region.