In this section you can find plans and other reports that we have either published or that guide our work.

You will also find our recent submissions to Government inquiries as well as presentations you may find useful.

Plans & reports

Name Size
pdf icon BFC-Orana Regional Profile May 2018 715 KB
pdf icon BFC-PositionPaper9-Entrepreneurship 532 KB
pdf icon BFC-PositionPaper1-WorkforceReadiness 148 KB
pdf icon BFC-PositionPaper2-AwarenessofTrades 154 KB
pdf icon BFC-PositionPaper3-FamilyDrift 194 KB
pdf icon BFC-PositionPaper4-SkilledMigration 186 KB
pdf icon BFC-PositionPaper5-AppreciatingMigrants 146 KB
pdf icon BFC-PositionPaper6-What_sHoldingUsBack 510 KB
pdf icon BFC-PositionPaper7-Semi-SkilledLabour 436 KB
pdf icon BFC-PositionPaper8-Innovation 532 KB
pdf icon Bracing for Change - Executive Summary - May 2018 2.02 MB
pdf icon Orana Freight and Logistics Capability Study 8.10 MB
pdf icon Orana International Air Freight Feasibility Study 2.83 MB
pdf icon Orana Outlook Report 2015 Book 14.39 MB
pdf icon RDA Orana Investment Prospectus 13Oct15 3.95 MB
pdf icon Orana Regional Plan 2013-2016 2.05 MB
pdf icon Orana Opportunities Update 2014 4.44 MB
pdf icon Orana Outlook 2014 2.05 MB
pdf icon Research into the Workforce Capacity of the Orana region 2.72 MB
pdf icon Golden Highway Corridor Final Report 8.14 MB
pdf icon Orana Region Economic Profile 1.29 MB


Name Size
pdf icon Submission for zonal taxation enquiry 2018 219 KB
pdf icon Submission for NSW Freight and Ports Plan 660 KB
pdf icon Submission Future Transport 2056 357 KB
pdf icon Submission to Agricultural Competitiveness Green Paper December 2014’ 523 KB
pdf icon Submission on Rebuilding NSW 300 KB
pdf icon Submission on Natural Disaster Funding 181 KB
pdf icon Submission to Inquiry into Skills Shortages in NSW June 2013 706 KB
pdf icon Submission on Regional Aviation Services March 2014 286 KB
pdf icon Submission on Emissions Reduction Fund February 2014 458 KB
pdf icon Submission on Agricultural Competitiveness April 2014 305 KB
pdf icon Submission to Mobile Coverage Programme Discussion Paper February 2014 833 KB


Name Size
pdf icon Presentation to international delegates, May 2014 7.88 MB