Badar Masud

Name: Badar Masud

Occupation: Accountant

Country of origin: Pakistan

Location: Dubbo

Here with: self 

Length of time in region: in Australia since February 2012; in Orana since February 2019

Badar Masud is a firm believer that anything is possible. An accountant originally from Pakistan, she has achieved her dream of living in Australia and couldn’t be any happier.

“I am totally in love with the environment and the people around me,” she said.

“I believe if you set your targets and work hard on attaining them, you get what you want … if you need to do something, your determination and commitment plays a vital role.”

Ms Masud emigrated to her new homeland in February 2012 and now works with DRC Drilling Pty Ltd in Dubbo.

“It is not difficult to find a job in Australia as this is a land of opportunities,” she said.

“It is a bit harder to step into your own field. However, communication with locals, employers and other employment sources will certainly help you in opening the door to opportunities and getting the right job.”

Ms Masud holds Masters degrees in Commerce and Professional Accounting and quit her banking job in Sydney to move to the Orana region.

Before coming to Dubbo, she lived in Bourke for a couple of months and worked in a supermarket in order to fulfill her visa requirements for the Orana region.

Since then, she has successfully found employment in her field in Dubbo.

“Moving from big cities to regional areas is a very big step, but regional areas have more potential and more job opportunities. You get more opportunity to serve the community well in these areas.” 

Ms Masud speaks English, Urdu and Hindi and enjoys fitness, travel and new experiences.

“I like to travel around Australia and meet new people. I like to discover and learn about different cultures and their various norms. Whenever I get a chance, I try to travel around with my friends.” 

She said that settling in to Australian life has been challenging but also very fulfilling.

“I have always heard and found Australia to be a safe country especially for females.”

Understanding and adapting to the culture, socialisation and communication barriers was like a ‘roller-coaster ride’ but Ms Masud has now found her ‘happy day’. 

“I always believed that one day would be a happy day and I have now experienced that day.”

Ms Masud said that local people have been very welcoming towards her.

“I owe this place and people a lot.”

“People are courteous and they help you with settling in to a new place; there is respect and security of every nationality and females get respect too. They teach you greater ways in your own field. 

“The team members at my workplace are the most amazing people I have ever met in my entire life. The biggest reason I am very well settled and comfortable in my place is because of them. There is no way these people hesitate to go any mile to help each other out, we are like a family now.” 

Ms Masud has embraced the Orana region, saying the locals are welcoming, there are great residential areas to live and everything is convenient and just minutes away.

She recommends the experience to other migrants.

“I would recommend exploring the living and working opportunities in Orana region. The people are friendly and always showing concern about your welfare. As a result, it was much easier for me to socialise and make new friends with locals and immigrants.”

The best part of the migration process was the straightforward eligibility criteria while the waiting period was challenging.

“Achieving the results made it worth doing it,” she said, adding that her advice was:

“Work harder, stay focused on what you want to achieve, work on things beforehand and make sure the information you provide is correct. Be patient.”

Ms Masud said that RDA Orana was very helpful during this period, always assisting with any questions and information and updating her application status.

“All staff were pretty helpful and professional. Thank you very much.”

Now that she is established in Dubbo, Ms Masud is looking forward to upgrading her professional skills and starting to work towards achieving a Chartered Accountant qualification.

“This will help me in my career progress and also upgrade my skills in this fast world of technology.”
She is also hoping to purchase a property in the Orana region in the future.

“Australia is a beautiful country which provides lots of opportunities equally to everyone. They knock on your door and it’s up to you if you take it or leave it.”