Air travel to Cobar needs to be reinstated

Reinstating air travel between Cobar and Dubbo should be a major priority for the two communities, RDA Orana executive officer Megan Dixon said.

Flights between the regional centres ceased late last year, but it’s important to maintain that connection.

“Unfortunately, Air Link, a subsidiary of Regional Express (Rex), could not continue flights between Cobar and Dubbo,” Mrs Dixon said.

“However, now is the time to investigate alternatives to the service before there are further repercussions.”

Mrs Dixon pointed out that as a mining centre, Cobar is reliant on access to equipment, resources and labour.

“Cobar is an important hub for production and business activity and employment and mining as well as government services in the community. Without
adequate transport, this role becomes threatened and could be in jeopardy.”

“We are confident this community will continue to grow and therefore it needs services. The confidence of the airline doesn’t reflect the confidence
we have as a region.”

Air Link moved into the town in 2015, after previous operator Brindabella went into receivership. Specialising in mining charter flights, the Canberra-based
former company had provided air travel between Cobar and Dubbo from 2010 to 2013.

“There has been a struggle to maintain flights from Dubbo to Cobar, but it’s a necessary part of serving these communities – for work opportunities,
medical appointments and essential services.”

“We’d like to see this up and running again for the benefit of our regional communities. Any assistance that we can provide will be made available.”

More than 40 per cent of Cobar’s workforce is involved in the mining industry./ENDS