13 March 2019

Regional Development Australia Orana Director Megan Dixon is proud to announce US Recruitment Marketing expert Tracey Parsons, will be conducting her only masterclass in Australia in Dubbo on the 22nd of March.

“RDA Orana will be hosting the half day Recruitment Masterclass on the 22nd of March for employers struggling to attract talent by traditional recruitment methods,” Mrs Dixon said.

“Tracey has over 20 years experience in Recruitment Marketing, she is at every intersection of the talent revolution, she seizes opportunities to push innovation and be an agent for change,”

“Until recently Tracey has been leading the Recruitment Marketing Centre of Excellence at SmashFly Technologies in the USA. SmashFly have been breaking through traditional recruitment techniques and trail blazing how companies connect to talent to drive their business forward,”

“Last year RDA Orana identified through our workforce research that many businesses in the region are struggling to attract appropriate talent to full their vacant positions,”

“This half day masterclass is a unique opportunity for businesses to learn new and innovative recruitment techniques to attract the employees they need for growth and prosperity in their businesses,”

The morning Masterclass will consist of four fun and fast sessions making attendees experts in recruitment marketing including recruitment marketing 101, understanding your audience, content that converts and building your plan,” Mrs Dixon said.

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