Build a community around your business

When it comes to recruitment, a proactive approach is better than being reactive, according to industry specialist Greg Savage.

As the founder of The Savage Table, Mr Savage is widely acknowledged as one of the most influential and engaging speakers on recruitment, social media
branding and leadership issues in Australia.

He has worked with recruiters around the world and ran several successful businesses of his own.

“In terms of attracting people, it’s about moving from reactive recruitment to proactive recruitment,” he said.

“Most companies are stuck in a timeframe of waiting until someone leaves before they hire someone new and wondering why it doesn’t work.

“But we have to move to a plan of digital marketing to connect with people before we need to hire them.”

Mr Savage advises businesses to ‘build a community’ where they are already communicating and building a relationship so that when potential employees
are looking for a role, you are already at the front of mind.

As an early adopter, Mr Savage firmly believes in building an employer brand, making the most of social media and using videos as a marketing tool.

The ability to retain staff comes down to leadership, Mr Savage said.

“It’s about creating an environment where people want to stay.”