Business: BurMac Financial Services, Dubbo

BurMac Financial Services started as a business in 2015, but its roots as a company stem back almost a century.

In 1928, Horace Osborne was a graduate of Cleveland Boys’ High School when he was offered an opportunity that would pave his future career pathway and those of his descendants. Horace started working for South British Insurance, a company which started in 1872.

He eventually moved to Orange and his son Phillip succeeded him in the family business, later setting up shop in Dubbo. Phillip’s sons Shannon and Rhys followed in his footsteps and in many cases, today’s intergenerational company serves the grandchildren of clientele helped by Horace all those years ago.

Burmac provides risk advice and insurance-based solutions to clients, beginning with an assessment to ascertain required coverage. Solutions are then tailored according to customer needs and provision across various risk classes. They provide localised claims management and administration for all clients, with insurance solutions based around risk, assets and liabilities, ranging from personal insurance, farm, agricultural, crop, business, trades and professional services to motor, transport and cyber insurance.

Adapting seamlessly from manual paperwork to IT and online solutions, the business has also maintained a strong focus on personalised customer service.

BurMac remains a small family-operated business which maintains a strong sense of community, supporting various local sporting and professional organisations. With regional offices in Dubbo, Orange and Mudgee, along with a Sydney branch, the client footprint is now in every state and territory and across Australia’s major insurance markets. Clients include retailers, small businesses and community organisations through to larger corporations and BurMac are considered market experts in some of their specialised insurance offerings. They also provide some wholesale products which are distributed through the insurance Advisernet network.

With a committed and experienced team, BurMac has been very well-received through general public engagement and client feedback. 

They have the strength and experience to ensure localised claims and administrative support. They can provide value and choice with a strong brand that is trusted by clients and stakeholders.

In the future, the company would require more resources to reach further afield and the specialised nature of insurance means a very strong reliance on staff experience, networks and knowledge.

There is scope for clients looking for a personalised or risk advisory service in regional centres and the ability  to provide specialist information on crop, rural and cyber-based products to a broader national market.

The regional economic impact of the drought on rural communities does have a flow-on effect on businesses such as BurMac but their diversity and resilience has prevailed.

The next phase will be to steadily grow the brand and expand the financial products which allows for good leverage and market access. The new office in Orange also allows for greater organic growth and services to the broader region. The BurMac brand has become more visible across the region and continues to provide high quality service and advice with experience and knowledge. Trust, choice, value and advice are all pillars of what BurMac offers.

BurMac Financial Services is located in 44 Victorias Street, Dubbo (West Dubbo), with branches in Mudgee, Orange and Sydney. Its location is conveniently accessible near the intersection of two major highways as part of a vibrant regional business district.

BurMac staff photo: Emily Mealey, Shannon Osborne, Rhys Osborne, Nathan Henwood, Nadia Kitcher, Shelvin Narayan and Tim Groth