Business: Lost Sea Opals, Lightning Ridge

3 June 2019

Lost Sea Opals design, create and sell stunning opal jewellery for men and women under the direction of founder Jo Lindsay and her brother Joseph.

Operational since 2000, the business has blossomed and thrived to become a global developer of uniquely crafted pieces, building on a reputation honed by quality workmanship and guaranteed satisfaction.

The range includes items set in gold and silver and sometimes complemented by other precious stones, individually designed and created in meticulous detail.

With three dedicated staff members assisting the jewellers, Lost Sea Opals products are sold in-store and online around the globe.

Locally, the team is very community-minded and supports junior football, the junior Opal Prince and Princess Awards, as well as the Opal Queen Ball. Lost Sea Opals jewellery is often chosen as a gift for visiting dignitaries and Heads of State. Each year, Jo is also responsible for designing and making the opal bracelet for the Easter Black Opal Bracelet Horse Race.

The main challenge faced by the business is to maintain their efforts, with the desire to always be improving and innovative in designs to consistently meet customer needs. The future for Lost Sea Opals looks bright, with enthusiasm, dedicated staff and product knowledge putting the company at the forefront of the opal jewellery industry.