Business: Love Merino, Wellington

Love Merino scarves are made from the finest Merino wool, with every fibre originating from their Glenwood farm near Wellington, in western NSW. Operational since October 2016, the business idea had been floated for some time by proprietors Phillipa (Pip) and Norm Smith. The couple brainstormed before undertaking research based on the success of industry partner Woolerina.

The finely crafted products are proudly Australian-made and the family is involved at every step of the production journey to ensure the product is made ethically and with minimal environmental impact. They are extremely proud of their product which is 100% natural, ethical, sustainable and collectable. Love Merino has also established strong partnerships with the different processors along the supply chain and overcome shifting family priorities and the work-life balance with transparency and commitment to their product.

While it took time to fine tune the farm to fabric processes, it has been worth the wait and Love Merino’s success as a small start-up company has been highlighted through social media marketing and publication of a number of newspaper and magazine articles.

Although challenged by local manufacturing opportunities, the future of the brand is to honour the unique heritage of the business while employing modern farming practices that adhere to a holistic system of sustainable land management and humane treatment of animals.

Highlighting the unique design features, functionality and comfort of Merino wool, the aim is to incorporate that with a contemporary design aesthetic which focuses on natural beauty and artistic integrity, translating into unique limited edition pieces known around the world.

With a history spanning five generations of family farming since 1898, the Smiths are also committed to supporting regional Australia and fostering an inclusive community.

“We want you to feel a part of our family and what we do.”