Business: Roseville Park Merino Stud, Dubbo

11 June 2019

Roseville Park Merino Stud has established a reputation of excellence over many years of Charollais Meat sheep breeding, cattle trading, prime lambs and cropping along with genetic and reproduction consulting.

Established in 1938 by the Coddington family, the stud has evolved in recent years from being a local supplier to national and international supplier of Merino and Charollais sheep genetics.

From their farming enterprise 35 km south of Dubbo, principals Matthew and Cherie Coddington produce Merino and Charollais rams, ewes, semen, embryos and wool along offering workshop, consultation and farming advice.

The company has 600 active clients across Australia, New Zealand, USA, China, Russia, South Africa and South America. They also work with industry bodies in Australia and abroad on agricultural advice and consultation.

As fifth-generation farmers, the Coddington family are passionate producers of wool, rams, semen and ewes,  managing the business with two full-time and seasonal casual employees. They are also actively involved in community organisations, board representation and industry groups and were awarded NSW Farmers of the Year in 2013.

They also run on-farm business workshops and provide a free farm consulting and sheep classing service to clients across Australia. Internationally, they have presented to farming groups from around the world at Merino Insights 2016 and spoken at industry events in New Zealand and Uruguay.

Roseville Park has featured in RM Williams magazine, the Daily Telegraph and Sydney Morning Herald along with the Australian Wool Innovation Source video as well as presentations to the International Wool Textiles Organisation and Woolmark company. Matthew was also the guest speaker at the official opening of the Royal Easter Show, Sydney.

Roseville’s success lies in its authenticity, while challenges to the business include export tariffs, price fluctuation and climate change.

In the future, the company aims to continue evolving its brand to meet the needs of clients, utilising new technologies while developing marketing strategies to gain more international exposure and increasing client communication through training,  education, social media and publications. There is also a lot of new technology such as DNA and genomic data, automated sheep handling systems, farm apps and drones that are making farming a very interesting and exciting industry.