Discover more about the Orana DAMA for your business

Regional Development Australia Orana Director of Regional Development Megan Dixon invites business owners, human resource managers and decision-makers to an information session about how a business might be able to use a migrant to overcome a recruitment difficulty or skill shortage in their business.

Mrs Dixon said, “having the right employee, in the right role, at the right time is paramount to ensuring your business is ready for growth and success. Employers tell us that finding an experienced and qualified Australian employee can be quite difficult. Employing a migrant can be a viable option if they know how.”

“We are hosting two information sessions at the Pastoral Hotel in Dubbo on the 13th of November, so business owners, human resources managers and decision-makers can learn more, ask any questions and discover what is required for a business to be eligible for the Orana DAMA,”

  • 7am-9am Business Information Breakfast
  • 10am-12pm Hospitality Industry Information Breakfast

“The Orana DAMA has been designed to provide employers in the region with a specific tool to sponsor skilled overseas workers in industries currently facing a significant skills shortage, including health, hospitality, trades and age care,”

“RDA Orana strongly advocates that employment should be offered to Australians first. However, where there is a skills shortage, we believe skilled migrants are critical to supplement the local workforce,”

“Some advantages of the Orana DAMA include an employee can be tied to the business for up to four years, in comparison to short term visa options, you only need to train once, dramatically reducing staffing costs and if it isn’t working out, the same exit provisions apply as with any other employee.”

This service is exclusively for businesses, migrants are not able to apply.

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