Grow your business in the Orana

Sustainable resources

Already home to the Southern Hemisphere’s largest renewable energy stations, both wind and solar, the region has a vast amount of renewable projects currently in development. With ample amounts of sun and wind, there are great opportunities for the development of multi-generation energy hubs utilising these abundant natural resources.

The opportunity inherent in tourism is also closely tied to our natural environment. Ecotourism is just one of the potential industries for future development and investment.

The availability of water and the security of its supply is critical for continued economic development. Water is a key input for agriculture and mining, as well as for community sustainability. Coordinating and managing water requirements across business, industry, communities and the environment requires a better understanding of local water allocations and more resourceful water use.



Construction of the National Broadband Network (NBN) commenced in the Orana region in April 2015.

In December 2018, a new review into rural and regional telecommunications has shone a light on digital agriculture and a thriving tourism industry in the region.

The 2018 Regional Telecommunications Review: Getting it right out there put forward 10 recommendations to improve access to telecommunications infrastructure, modernise consumer protections and ensure better digital inclusion for the Orana region, strengthening local economies.

No longer do you have to be in Sydney or an urban centre to connect with the domestic and international markets. With these essential services your business can easily move and grow in the Orana region with the same instant access to these markets.


Workforce demand

Western NSW is proud of its diverse and skilled workforce and extensive training opportunities. Work has been undertaken to develop a region-wide workforce development strategy to ensure we’re ready for the $7.9 billion of demand over the next 5 years. Our workforce is grown through excellent vocational education and training and higher education facilities and a skilled migration program which utilises the talents of workers from around the globe.

We always encourage local employment but for those roles that can’t be filled by local workers, the Department of Immigration and Border Protection, NSW Trade & Investment and Regional Development Australia- Orana work together to deliver a Skilled Migration program to the region.


Expansion capability

Exploration of workforce opportunities, career pathways and training awareness will contribute to the ability of business operators to expand. Regional growth in the future will also be powered by national economic growth and job creation. RDA Orana is leading the towards expansion by assisting stakeholders with innovation and investment potential.


Scope of industry

Industry sectors such as agriculture, construction and transport are rapidly being joined by mining, renewable energy, education and tourism across the Orana region. With growing need for health care and social assistance, these are the areas which will also feature the greatest employment surge in the next five years.


Land availability

Pockets of commercial and industrial land are becoming available across the region thanks to the insight of Local Government stakeholders and private investors. This will allow for project expansion and economic advancement in a range of traditional and innovative areas.



Manufacturing of materials to complement existing industry has provided a major opportunity for the region. New food processing facilities, increased export capabilities, tourism products and Aboriginal business development are all sectors which can add to the diversification and investment potential of the region.


Natural environment

From its rolling hills to semi-arid areas, the Orana region has a unique natural environment to complement its built-up areas. Businesses that can make the most of this aspect such as Aboriginal tourism, farm stays and outback adventures will continue to prosper and flourish.


Access to training

There is now a multitude of education providers in the Orana region which can provide skills training, upgraded qualifications and career capability. Upskilling in the workforce is an important factor in a safe, functional and productive workplace.



RDA Orana can provide assistance and advice with relocating and upscaling business and work opportunities. This can include finding a suitable premises, potential employees and contact with local business networks.


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