Move your business to the Orana


The Orana region is strategically positioned in an agricultural heartland on major transport routes between ports and freight corridors.

With a diverse population and workforce, our strategic location offers easy links to air and sea ports in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Newcastle which will make it easy for you to do business with the rest of the world.

The largest regional centre of Dubbo acts as a major transport hub at the intersection of major road, rail and air transport routes. As an area with increasing capacity for food production, this considerably reduces the trip from paddock to plate.


Economic viability

Opportunity abounds in the Orana region; we’re a smart and skilled place of strong leadership, an innovative and productive food bowl with high quality produce and a good access to market which is rich in resources and a great place to live and do business.



Affordable housing, excellent education resources, minimal commute times and excellent career opportunities all contribute to Orana’s appeal as a place to forge a future.


Transport routes

Countrylink offers a daily passenger services between Sydney and Dubbo and Dubbo City Regional Airport provides a commercial air service to Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne & Newcastle for more than 200,000 passengers per year. Mudgee Airport has recently received a $2 million upgrade for its commercial services to Sydney while Narromine Aerodrome is one of the world’s top three gliding locations with opportunities for more commercial hangar space and pilot training in the future.


Freight hub

Major interstate highways intersect the region including the Newell, Mitchell, Golden, Castlereagh, Oxley, Kamilaroi and Barrier highways.

Melbourne to Brisbane Inland Rail, a major infrastructure project, is planned to transverse the region.

While the area is well connected, there are still a number of freight corridors ready for investment and a high level of activity and upgrades currently occurring.



The cost of living in the Orana region is much more favourable when compared with a metropolitan centre. Swap a cramped apartment for a three-bedroom house, rent spacious office premises and reduce running costs by moving to a regional location in the Orana.


Sense of community

Orana communities are loyal and friendly and tend to welcome new residents with open arms. With access to sporting and social clubs, new groups and the option to join one of many local organising festival and show committees, there is no end to the level of engagement that is available in a country town or regional centre.


Progressive society

The region of Orana has truly become a multicultural community, with today’s population coming from all over the world. In a business and personal sense, this provides people with a definitive sense of acceptance and opportunity to become a local resident with a global outlook.


International relationships

Orana means welcome and we welcome global opportunities and relationships with open arms. The region participates in the Sister City program in order to build international goodwill further partnerships for global social and economic development.



The Orana region is steeped in culture, history and heritage. Its tourism industry is connected to the backdrop of the outback, important sites to Aboriginal people and areas that influenced Australia’s colonial history.

Developing tourism products related to the unique outback landscape and its varied economic, social and cultural history provide a major opportunity.

Marketing organic and native produce and promoting arts, cultural and museum attractions will also increase the region’s profile as a visitor destination.

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