Start your business in the Orana



You can live in the Orana region and still have the business world at your fingertips. Whether it’s hopping on to an early morning flight to any one of four metropolitan cities or doing business remotely from the convenience of your office, a world of possibility awaits.


Economic vibrancy

There is no doubt that there has been a huge economic boost and population growth in Orana’s regional centres. From mining and construction companies through to boutique cafes and gift shops, there has been a shift towards further prosperity thanks to investment opportunities and an influx of new residents.


Unsaturated market

Due to its large geographical area and diverse commercial landscape, the Orana region provides an ideal platform to establish innovative ideas and to find a niche market for product distribution along with the opportunity work with minimum costs and maximum potential.


Mentorship and support

The towns and cities across the Orana region are connected by their business sectors and strengthened by government ties. Many places have active business communities, progress associations and commercial chambers dedicated to the ongoing prosperity and improvement of their local areas.



With lower overheads, supportive business associates and the potential for future success, the Orana region offers a wealth of opportunity to anyone wanting to relocate or start a new operation. There is plenty of peer support and mentoring along with opportunities for collaboration, networking and to build leadership and entrepreneurial capacity in the region.



Thanks to extensive NBN infrastructure and telephone coverage across the region, connectivity through technology is a viable option to new business owners. That includes the ability to establish a website, set up social media and achieve marketing objectives.



For a new business starting in the Orana region, there is ample access to education and further training, telecommunications providers, retail outlets, equipment suppliers, printing and design capability and other business-related resources.



Whether you are looking for space to rent, build or buy, there are commercial land opportunities, complete with built-in service provision. Our region is also an area rich in natural resources, industrial capacity and export potential.



Existing and future construction projects have expanded the region’s capabilities and extended its reach into new and exciting realms. This includes renewable energy, specialised mining and livestock production and processing. In this sphere, there is a wealth of possibility.


Civic pride

The towns and cities across the Orana region have a sense of community, pride in their business precincts and strength in maintaining strong network connections. Joining these centres means becoming part of a growing circle of enterprise.

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