With the presence of new businesses, regional investment and population expansion, there is a strong demand for additional infrastructure and services. This has extended to renewable energy and housing construction to accommodate increasing need in the Orana region.

Companies include:

  • Maas Group
  • Infigen Energy
  • Photon
  • BLD Constructions
  • Neoen Australia
  • Dubbo Terrazzo and Concrete Industries
  • Jason Boxsell Constructions


Competitive advantage

There are many benefits to the Orana’s growing investment in industry. Harnessing renewable energy has the power to continue sustainable consumption into the future without draining finite resources. A booming construction industry helps to boost the economy and drive further growth.


Workforce support

New development adds to existing industry, building more infrastructure for regional communities, allowing them to grow and thrive. It also acts as a drawcard for further investment, along with adding more jobs and trade opportunities for existing contractors.


Research infrastructure

The Orana region is quickly emerging as a powerhouse for infrastructure and investment opportunities, and has the ability to elevate value, advance economic development and embrace new opportunities to create communities where people want to invest and live in the future.

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