There are many different types of manufacturing in the Orana, with suppliers for other sectors such as mining and agriculture being predominant.  Retail outlets vary across the region, ranging from food, clothing and homeware suppliers to service providers catering to a range of business needs.

Companies include:

  • Woolworths
  • IGA
  • United Petroleum
  • Big W
  • Coles
  • Mitre 10
  • Harvey Norman
  • Home Timber and Hardware
  • Inland Petroleum
  • Toyota
  • Foodworks
  • Darling Irrigation


Competitive advantage

The diversity of the different retailers ranges from franchisees to boutique and niche outlets. This gives consumers the option to go to stores they are already familiar with or explore new places of interest offering unique items for purchase.


Workforce support

Equipment such as machinery and materials are used to maintain other industries and it is advantageous for support industries to be present in the Orana, rather than companies paying for import and freight costs.

There are also a range of unskilled areas in the manufacturing and retail sector where training can be provided on the job.


Research infrastructure

The future of manufacturing and retail in the Orana region depend on ongoing investment, viability and innovation. Fresh enterprise ideas are surging ahead and new and existing companies have the advantage of affordable and plentiful opportunities for expansion into commercial business parks and industrial areas.

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