The Orana region is strategically positioned on major road and rail routes, making it a viable location for transport of raw materials, produce and equipment. Land links to air and sea ports also provide a major corridor for import and export opportunities. Agricultural, mining and manufacturing sector products are the major resources being transported to and from the Orana region.

Companies include:

  • TruckRight
  • Rod Pilon Transport
  • Robert Holmes Transport
  • Transforce
  • Fletcher International Exports
  • Robinson Grain
  • KeyTrans
  • Mudgee Refrigerated Transport
  • Pitt’s Transport
  • Adams Transport
  • Mackenzies Transport

Competitive advantage

The competitive advantage of transport companies in the Orana comes down to affordability and accessibility as the two main benefits to working in the region. Living in a regional area is favourably comparative in terms of running costs, reduced overheads and price structure.

Workforce support

The transport industry exists to provide a service to primary industries such as agriculture and mining, which in turn support freight movers with their products. There are also many secondary industries in the Orana region which support and maintain the transport industry. These include manufacturers and suppliers of parts and equipment, along with basic necessities such as food and fuel.

Research infrastructure

Research undertaken by RDA Orana indicates that there will be major change in the transport industry in the near future. The Orana Freight and Logistics Capability Study showed that the NSW Freight task was expected to double by 2030 and triple by 2050. As such, there will need to be an integrated approach to industry and network planning and investment to ensure future productivity, access to markets and haulage opportunities.

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