489 FAQs

Where is the Orana Region?

RDA Orana region covers a significant area of NSW and is the largest single region in the state. The Orana region includes twelve (12) Local Government Areas: Dubbo (which includes Wellington), Narromine, Gilgandra, Mid-Western Regional (towns of Mudgee, Gulgong), Warrumbungle (Coonabarabran, Coolah and Dunedoo), Coonamble, Walgett (which includes Lightning Ridge), Brewarrina, Bourke, Cobar, Bogan (Nyngan) and Warren.

Dubbo is the major town with a population of over 50,000 and a diverse range of industry and services. The second largest town is Mudgee in the Mid-Western Regional Council area.

As a subclass 489 visa holder, you are able to reside and work in any of these Local Government Areas, including being able to work in the smaller towns and villages or rural properties in the region. You may find employment and settling in easier in these smaller towns.

Can you grant me a visa?

RDA Orana does not grant the visa. Your subclass 489 visa will be granted by the Department of Home Affairs after Nomination by the State of New South Wales. RDA Orana recommendation is just the first step in this process.

How long will it take to get my visa?

Regional Development Australia Orana does not grant visas therefore we are unable to comment on the timeline for Department processes. For timelines for RDA Orana processes please see our Service Standards.  If your nomination for State sponsorship through RDA Orana is successful you will be invited by the Department of Home Affairs to apply for a visa.

If you have questions about the visa application process please contact the Department of Home Affairs.

You can find their visa processing times service standards here. https://immi.homeaffairs.gov.au/visas/getting-a-visa/visa-processing-times/overview

Do I need to be invited to apply for State sponsorship?

No. RDA Orana will submit your application to the NSW Department of Industry, and they will endorse your SkillSelect EOI. You will then be sent an email with the links to apply for your visa through the Department of Home Affairs.

If my occupation is not on the list, can I still be sponsored by RDA Orana?

With regards to the Skilled Regional (Provisional) visa (subclass 489), your nominated occupation must be on the Orana Skilled Occupation List, not the NSW list. Off-list nominations are not available at this time.

If my occupation is on the NSW skills list but not on the Orana skills list can I still apply in the Orana?

No, the only occupations you may apply for are those on the current Orana Sills List.

When will the Orana Skilled Occupation list change?

Unfortunately the Orana Skilled Occupation List is likely to change without notice. This is out of our control.

Two key factors may influence a change to the Orana Skilled Occupation List.

The first is internal to Regional Development Australia Orana. We regularly research workforce needs in the Orana region. The Skills in Demand list will be updated as needed, in line with any changes to regional skills needs.

The second is external to our organisation. Regional Development Australia Orana must comply with any caps or suspensions issued by either the NSW or Australian governments.

My current visa is about to expire, can you speed up the assessment of my application?

We do not prioritise applications unless you have been living and working in the Orana region for more than 12 months. You must have been working in a role closely related to your assessed occupation. We do this to ensure we are treating each application fairly.

How long do I have to move to the region after my visa is granted?

The Department of Immigration and Border Protection has advised that once you have been granted your 489 Visa on-shore applicants for the Skilled Regional (Provisional) visa (subclass 489) should relocate to a regional area within 3 months.

RDA Orana expects all its Skilled Regional (Provisional) visa (subclass 489) nominees to relocate to the region as soon as practical (within approximately 3 months) after being granted their visa.

If requested, a nominee who fails to commence living in a regional area immediately after being granted the 489 visa must be able to provide evidence to justify the delay. Failure to provide such evidence may result in a finding that the nominee has breached the condition of their Skilled Regional (Provisional) visa (subclass 489).

How do I notify RDA of my arrival?

As soon as you have settled into a permanent address please email migration@rdaorana.org.au with your new contact details. Please make reference to your SkillSelect EOI Number and full name in this email.

Can you find me a job or accommodation?

RDA Orana does not directly get involved in accommodation, recruitment or job placement activities. In the near future we will be offering a Settlement Service package to migrants who are interested. One of the components of this package will be assistance in providing contacts for accommodation and businesses who may employ people with your skills, as well as those who are currently recruiting in your field.

Can I work in any job or does it have to be in my Skilled Occupation?

You are allowed to work in any job, it doesn’t have to be in your Skilled Occupation.

How do I check my application?

Please see our Service Standards for anticipated timelines before you contact RDA Orana with questions regarding the progress of your application. If your application is outside our timeline, please email migration@rdaorana.org.au with your query, with your EOI Number and Full Name and Occupation in the header of the email.

What if I can’t find employment/accommodation in the Orana or find employment in another region?

As a part of your nomination process you have signed a declaration that you understand you are required to live and work in the Orana for a period of two years after the granting of your subclass 489 visa.

RDA Orana expects that you will make a concerted and serious attempt to find work in this region. If we believe you have not made a serious attempt, we are within our rights to communicate this to the Department of Home Affairs who may review the status of your visa.

How do I get a release letter if I am not successful in work in my field in the Orana region?

RDA Orana does not supply release letters on request. These are not required by the Department of Home Affairs.

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