Role of RDA Orana

What is the role of RDA Orana?

As the Designated Area Representative (DAR), RDA Orana’s role is to manage a number of aspects of the DAMA on behalf of the Australian Government.

The responsibilities for RDA Orana include:

Managing the employer endorsement process.

Employers interested in a Labour Agreement under the Orana region DAMA must first be endorsed by RDA Orana. As a part of this process, RDA Orana must ensure that the business has undertaken the appropriate steps to ensure the aims of the DAMA are upheld and that legislative requirements for the relevant visa pathways will be met.

If the employer is endorsed, the RDA Orana will provide a letter of endorsement to the employer and the Department of Home Affairs.


Monitor the labour market behaviour of employers and the impact of various government initiatives in the Orana region to ensure that Australians are not disadvantaged by the DAMA and that the DAMA objectives are met.

RDA Orana does this by undertaking monthly job ad surveys, an annual skills shortage survey and regular briefings with a broad range of employers within the Orana region. We also regularly consult with business organisations and RDAs from across the country to monitor labour markets and activities taking place in a broader context.


Supporting employers and visa holders through the endorsement process and subsequent employment period.

RDA Orana acts as a conduit between the employer and various government departments and service providers:

  • to ensure both the employer and the employee have access to information on their working rights and responsibilities
  • to assist employers where variations in arrangements need to be made, and
  • to provide settlement support information about regional relocation, health, emergency services and education is available to ensure the migrant family’s settlement is as smooth as possible.


Reporting on and evaluating the effectiveness of the DAMA and its impacts on the Orana region.

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