The Orana is a rich resource region, with high food, agricultural and mineral production acting as a driver for economic progression. Prospects for growth are strong, which is why export development is a key pillar for RDA Orana, a regional approach to the sector’s development will deliver increased opportunities, revenue and employment opportunities.

Orana Export Hub

In April 2019 the Commonwealth Government granted RDA Orana with $235,887, which will be equally matched by RDA Orana over the course of 2 years to establish an Orana Export Hub under the Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) Export Hubs program.

The object of the SME Export Hubs programs is to establish and operate an export hub in one or more of the six growth centre sectors, the Orana Export Hub will be focused on the Mining, Equipment, Technology and Services growth centre.

The program will include the Orana and the Central West incorporating the major mining regions of Cobar, Dubbo, Mudgee, Orange, Peak Hill and Condoblin.

The export hub will increase investment, connect businesses, and expose potential collaborations through the hosting of events and training seminars throughout the Orana and Central west regions.

The next step will be hiring a local Business Development Manager to support the program, which is expected to be done by the end of May.

The new Manager will have the responsibility of highlighting possible working partnerships in the region and drilling down into individual businesses identifying development opportunities for potential export streams into Asia and other countries.

The hub will also support the development of funding applications for participants to programs that assist export development, especially in mining automation, advance mining technologies and strategically linking international clusters to organisations accelerating global supply chain pathways.

Watch this space for continued updates of the Hub

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