The Orana Freight and Logistics Capability Study released by RDA Orana in 2017 was an analysis of the existing freight and logistics networks underpinning the Orana region.

The study showed that the regional freight task is predicted to grow significantly in the next 20 years, with an increase of 76 per cent on current volumes expected by 2035.

RDA Orana aim is for an integrated approach to industry and network planning and investment to ensure future productivity, access to markets and haulage opportunities are made available.



The Australian Rail Track Corporation’s 1700km Inland Rail project linking the cities of Melbourne and Brisbane represents a new era in freight transport in Australia.

RDA Orana aims to position our region in readiness for this project which will increase the volumes of agricultural commodities and mining products being transported from regional communities to state, national, and international markets. The railway construction will increase connectivity across inland NSW and provide an alternative to existing road networks. During development, 16,000 jobs will be created to manage upgrades of the existing corridor and construction of new railway infrastructure. The project is expected to contribute $480M to the economies of Central and North West NSW. It is also providing opportunities for established businesses to grow their network and increase their distribution of products, allowing them to reach a broader marketplace for domestic and export services.

NSW Transport’s Regional Rail Fleet project involves development of the Dubbo Maintenance Facility for construction of a new rail fleet for NSW. This includes 60 XPTs and 50 XPLORER and Endeavour passenger cars. The project, which is supported by RDA Orana, provides an opportunity to stimulate the regional economy through 50 long-term jobs including traineeships and apprenticeships; and at its peak, 200 jobs during construction.

There will also be local business opportunities for supplying goods and services during the construction and operational phases. A Review of Environmental Factors is also being conducted to assess the natural and built-up landscapes.



The Orana International Air Freight Feasibility Study, released by RDA Orana in 2017, shows that an international air freight facility would be possible in the region with Dubbo City Regional Airport the preferred location for the hub.

Development of a cargo terminal, IT and customs facilities, including quarantine along with upgraded runways would allow for international service capability and the possibility for freight tourism to transport small items on passenger flights throughout Asia and the world.

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