Workforce Development

2022 Orana Region Workforce Survey

Ensuring businesses across the region have their voices heard

RDA Orana undertakes these surveys with our business community, so that we can provide evidence to Governments when making submissions on behalf of the region, concerning workforce and labour supply issues. We also use this information to inform our own initiatives, development of relevant and practical programs, and work with potential partners to assist our businesses to ensure they have the workforce they need to thrive.

This year we are going bigger and broader than ever before with the continuing critical shortages across industry. The emerging project pipeline in addition to the needs of existing and potential businesses means it is now more than ever that we look to find solutions. To do this we need great on-the-ground intelligence.

We have also tried to make it as easy to contribute and participate as possible for businesses, projects, government, and even those looking for work with basic and quick surveys to fill out. Initial surveys will take you no more than 5-10 minutes to complete, we promise.

So, if you are struggling to recruit or retain your workforce now is the time to fill it in so we can advocate for you and your needs!

If you are a business or project in the Orana region that requires multiple types of occupations, are interested in skilled migration or sponsorship, or have more complicated workforce needs, we have an additional survey that may suit you better. This survey takes approximately 15-20 minutes to complete but will give us much better insight into your future workforce plans and needs.

Want to find out more about our workforce work or how we may be able to assist your business either through RDA Orana or the O2 Network? Send us an email today with a brief description of your issues.

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