Proposed changes to zonal taxation welcomed

RDA Orana executive officer Megan Dixon has confirmed the organisation’s support of the enquiry into zonal taxation being conducted by the Legislative Assembly Committee on Investment, Industry and Regional Development.

“Payroll tax relief in the form of an increased threshold provides an incentive for regional businesses that is supported by RDA Orana,” she said.

RDA Orana is also supportive of concessions for stamp duty for the purchase of commercial property in regional areas.

“RDA Orana believes that such stamp duty concessions could assist with stimulating economic activity across its region through the purchase of land
and property for businesses, particularly in the agriculture sector.”

With challenges such as inadequate infrastructure, critical skills gaps and declining and ageing populations, along with the tyranny of distance, any
form of taxation relief will be welcomed.

“Reduced payroll tax rates are likely to be received favourably by regional businesses looking to expand their operations and stimulate job creation
across the region,” Mrs Dixon said.

“RDA Orana is supportive of the adoption of a regional payroll tax approach in this State, viewing it as a mechanism to help overcome challenges for
businesses that locate and operate within regional NSW.”/ENDS