Service Standards 489 & Employer Sponsored Visa Applications

Our service standards are important for our migrants, their migration agents, RDA Orana employees and the management of the organisation. They help to define what our migrants can expect from us during what may be a particularly stressful period of their lives.

RDA Orana defines their Customer Service Standards in terms of content, timeliness and accuracy, and relate to those factors we, as an RCB, are permitted to provide commentary or advice on.


Any fees that have been paid will NOT be refunded once an EOI and/or full application has been submitted because an assessment has taken place.

Communication content

RDA Orana is not permitted to provide advice on migration matters outside conversations that relate to the provision of documents for RCB assessment or DAMA matters. Permitted conversations would include;

  • those that relate to timeliness of provision of documents, and
  • content and deadline changes as a result of legislation changes.

All queries regarding visa application matters outside these content guidelines will be responded with the suggestion you seek assistance from the Department of Home Affairs or your Migration Agent.

Timeliness of Communication

Applicants and their Migration Agents should be aware that members of the Skilled Migration team work on a part time basis, sometimes off site, and their days of work will depend on workload and availability. Members of the wider RDA Orana team, work both onsite and offsite and it is difficult to predict exactly who will be in the office at any particular time. We will endeavour to respond within a reasonable timeframe.

Face to Face Office Consultations

We understand both your and our working hours will impact when you are able to see us. If you wish to speak directly with a member of the Skilled Migration team, you will need to email to make an appointment that suits both parties and we will aim to schedule within one week of your email. Drop ins are not encouraged, however if this is the last resort, 2-3 pm Wednesday and Thursdays would be best.

Telephone enquiries

All members of the RDA Orana team answer incoming calls when available. Where telephone enquiries require clarification and the staff member who answers your call is not a member of the skilled migration team, you will be provided with an indication of the best time to call again to make contact with the appropriate staff member, or requested to make contact by email which will be responded to.

Due to the large number of calls received at times, messages will only be taken for Employer Sponsored visa enquiries being made on behalf of an employer. One of the Skilled Migration team will contact you within 3 business days. We encourage all applicants to email us with queries prior to phoning the office.

Email enquiries

Due to the variable nature of Skilled Migration staffing, RDA Orana commits to answering all email enquiries that are NOT answered as a part of our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) pages on our website within 3 business days. We encourage you to first check our FAQ, as your question may have already been answered here.

Emails requesting processing status updates will not be responded to unless the timeline falls outside the published Assessment Timeline at the time the enquiry is made.

Timelines of the 489 Assessment process

As per the diagram below, the following rolling timing will occur;

  • Weeks 1& 2 of each calendar month – RDA Orana will accept applications for 489/491 visas via the website portal.
  • Week 3 -RDA Orana will assess all EOIs and determine preferred candidates
  • Week 4- RDA Orana will request the full application from preferred candidates with a required response time of 7 days. Unsuccessful EOI Candidates will be notified via email.
  • Weeks 5-9 (by the end of the following month) Preferred candidate full applications will be assessed and submitted for nomination by the State of NSW. Unsuccessful candidates will be notified via email.

Accuracy of Applications

489 EOI Submission Accuracy

RDA Orana will only assess EOIs containing all the requested information in its’ complete form. If the documents submitted do not indicate a positive recommendation it will be possible then the application will be rejected.

489 EOI Rejection Appeal Process

The only applicants who are guaranteed progression from EOI to Full Application are those who have been working in the Orana region, for a business based in the Orana region for at least 12 months, in their field of application. This must have been evident at the time of EOI submission and the documentation submitted must have satisfied all criteria requested. If you believe RDA Orana has incorrectly refused your EOI please email stating your SkillSelect EOI Number with your request to investigate the rejection and justification for this.

489 Application Submission Accuracy

RDA Orana undertakes to complete all assessment and submissions for nomination within the month following acceptance of an EOI. In the event of a significant number of EOI Applications working in the Orana region in their field in any month, the excess will be notified by email, and held over to the following month.

RDA Orana will only assess decision ready applications.

All documents must be uploaded via the online portal at the time of application. Make sure you take a screenshot of the upload file after you have uploaded your documents. RDA Orana will not accept emailed documents unless we specifically request this of you.

If the documents uploaded are deemed to not support a full and positive recommendation, then the application will be rejected.

489 Full Application Rejection Appeal Process

For RDA Orana to revisit an application that has been rejected an applicant must be able to show that all documents and payments necessary to make a positive recommendation were accurate and present in the upload file, within 7 days of the request for a full application. Documents that are required to be certified MUST BE CERTIFIED CORRECTLY, including electronic documents such as English tests and Skills Assessments.

Step 1: Make sure you have a screen shot of the document list in the upload file. Take this at the time you upload the documents.

Step 2: If you believe RDA Orana has incorrectly refused your EOI please email stating your SkillSelect EOI Number with your request to investigate the rejection and justification for this.

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