Support for Qantas Academy bid

RDA Orana is keen to work with Dubbo Regional Council to bid for a Qantas Group Pilot Academy.

The proposed $20M facility would have the capacity to train 500 pilots a year, to help meet the increasing need for skilled aviators in one of the
fastest growing global industries.

The facility is expected to open its doors to students during 2019 and is likely to be established near an existing airfield in regional Australia
to provide easy access to uncongested airspace. 

Dubbo offers a regional airport in a great urban environment with all the existing infrastructure, along with satellite option sites at Mudgee, Bourke,
Cobar, Lightning Ridge and Narromine. The bid has enormous regional potential and includes job creation in the service industry around the airport,
skills training opportunities in the aviation space and the potential use of rural community airports for training. Read more at