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For 12 years, RDA Orana has served the business community of the Orana region promoting investment, creating collaborations and delivering events and projects to support the advancement of our region. We’re a small not for profit that has achieved some big things. Our people have a genuine desire to support regional growth and make a difference. We aren’t overnight wonders. We are in it for the long change. Our programs are delivered to all three tiers of Government and the business community.

Our organisation plays an important role in helping to solve issues and advance our region: staff are encouraged to use their skills and expertise to help create positive and lasting impacts through the projects we deliver.

Why work with us? Besides fantastic morning teas and fun-filled team-building exercises, RDA Orana offers a rewarding career for people interested in making a difference. It’s a flexible and agile work environment that focusses on growing staff capabilities through challenge, ownership and innovation.

If this sounds good to you, we hope you’ll join us!

Current Vacancies:

Our values:

Economic development, investment attraction and change don’t happen overnight. We have the strength and patience to accept and tolerate delays while applying consistent and purposeful actions towards achieving our long-term objectives.

We demonstrate a relentless effort to meet commitments and consistently deliver better results through goal setting, clear communications, and prioritising project planning.

Our knowledge, expertise and progressive, proactive atmosphere yield a powerful combination that continuously sets us apart. We collaborate, innovate, make decisions,  and execute with speed and agility. Our constant pursuit of solutions makes a difference to the region we support.

We collaborate inside and outside the organisation to maximise our shared knowledge and bring greater value to one another and most importantly, to our region.

Curiosity and the pursuit of insights fuel our productivity, and innovation drives our business. We boldly champion new, innovative and breakthrough ideas, while attentively managing risks.

5 ways you will grow with us

  1. Continued growth: We want our stakeholders to learn to adapt and therefore we are committed to modelling the behaviour. Staff are encouraged to invest in themselves and supported in their learning objectives.
  2. Tech edge: Our systems are ahead of most regional organisations and you’ll get to use them on a daily basis. We use the full suite of Hubspot, WordPress, Asana, Adobe, Canva, Google, Microsoft and Xero. We are constantly sharpening how we use these platforms and you’ll get to contribute to this success.
  3. Connections: We work with a broad range of stakeholders, including Ministers, Local Government, industry organisations and business leaders. You’ll not only make great friendships during your journey with us, you will get to grow your network.
  4. Mentoring: As a small organisation, we’re committed to teamwork. There are fundamentals that are super important to success, including stakeholder engagement and project management. You’ll get to sharpen your skills in a supported environment.
  5. Confidence: You’ll get to work across a broad range of projects and industries, delivering a diverse range of activities that may include research, policy submissions, stakeholder engagement and events and project delivery. You will develop skills that will carry you forward forever.

If this still sounds good to you, we hope you’ll join us!

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