NSW Government announces International Air Freight Study

6 May 2019

As Export Development is a key pillar of RDA Orana it was welcoming to hear the NSW Government announced this week it is undertaking a pre-feasibility study to improve international air freight connectivity in regional NSW and export fresh produce faster than ever.

Air freight is the fastest way for producers to deliver meat, dairy, fruit, nuts and seafood to customers in Australia and around the world.

World-class air freight infrastructure would enable our farmers in the Orana and greater regional NSW to:

  • export high-value perishable produce to markets faster
  • expand their customer base
  • increase profits
  • set the prices of their products

As part of the Governments $4.2 billion Snowy Hydro Legacy Fund, the NSW Government is exploring investment options, new and existing locations for airports in regional NSW and two-way trade opportunities to maximise profitability.

In 2016 RDA Orana conducted our own freight feasibility study recommending greater air connectivity to increase exports for our region.

Read the full study HERE