RDA Orana is available to assist organisations in review project ideas and identify possible funding sources. To help you take advantage of funding opportunities we have put together a list of resources to assist you access grants and apply for funding:

For some general tips on grant writing, click here.

2019 Incubator Event Fund Now Open


The Regional Flagship Events Program identifies and supports events in regional NSW that have the potential to act as a ‘cornerstone’ or flagship tourism event for their area by attracting overnight visitation and delivering long term benefits to the region.

The 2019 Incubator Event Fund offers annual grants to events in rural and regional NSW to assist in areas such as marketing, public relations, venue hire and attendee research.

The 2019 Incubator Event Fund is available to organisers staging an event for the first or second time.

Applications for Round One close on 4 November, 2018. Round Two applications for events held between July and December 2019 will open in March next year.

The Regional Flagship Events Program is managed by the NSW Government tourism and major events agency, Destination NSW.

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Accelerating Commercialisation


Accelerating Commercialisation provides access to expert guidance and grants to help businesses commercialise their novel products, processes and services.

Accelerating Commercialisation offers the following services and grants to successful applicants:

  • Commercialisation Guidance
  • Accelerating Commercialisation Grants
  • Portfolio Services

Close date: ongoing

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Advance Manufacturing Early Stage Research Fund


The AMESRF is a $4 million funding initiative, and forms part of the $100 million Advance Manufacturing Fund which will boost innovation, skills and employment in advanced manufacturing.

The intent of the AMESRF is to support small-scale and pilot research projects in advanced manufacturing, and benefit smaller firms and early stage research. The fund will provide grants to SMEs for rapid initial feasibility testing, allowing the projects to then move quickly to large-scale research or commercialisation.

Grants between $100,000 and $400,000 are available.


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Animal Welfare Transport Subsidy


A subsidy of up to 50 per cent of eligible costs for the permanent transport of stock from a farm facing financial hardship and livestock have a fat score of 2 or below (below 3 for dairy cattle) to a maximum of $20,000 per financial year. https://www.raa.nsw.gov.au/assistance/rebate-on-road-transport

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Australia-China Agricultural Cooperation Agreement 2019


The Australian Government under the 2019 ACACA grant opportunity is inviting applicants to apply to:

  • undertake a project in Australia and/or China


  • undertake a Trade Mission to China

The ACACA is a treaty level agreement between the Australian and Chinese Governments.

The beneficiaries of the ACACA program are Australian agriculture, fisheries and forestry industries, organisations, businesses and individuals who are seeking to enhance cooperations between Australia and China in agriculture.

Applications close on the 30th of April 2019

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Bodangora Wind Farm Community Benefit Fund

#Not for profit

For the 2018/2019 Round 4 of the Community Benefit Fund will provide up to $25,000 for grants to incorporate not-for-profit community groups for projects identified and assessed using an open call for applications.

Community projects must

  • Deliver social, cultural, economic or environmental benefits to local communities of the Wellington district
  • Address an identified community priority
  • Demonstrate that any ongoing or recurrent cost of the project can be met by the community group once grant funding has been expensed
  • The organisation must demonstrate the capacity to manage funds and deliver the project
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Building Partnerships Grant


  • for growing startups and SMEs already generating revenue
  • to fund a consortium project to establish key accounts or achieve strategic growth
  • up to 35 % of approved project costs (to a maximum of $100,000)

To apply, visit www.jobsfornsw.com.au

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ClubGRANTS funding is available to community groups, charities and sporting teams across NSW. Approximately 500 clubs voluntarily allocate funds to the ClubGRANTS scheme.

Funding is available under three separate categories

Category 1: Supports community welfare and social services; community development; employment assistance activities, community health services and projects aimed at improving the living standards of low income and disadvantaged people.

Category 2: Provides funding for general community development and support activities, such as junior sport

Category 3: Is a state-wide fund that supports large-scale community infrastructure projects. Grants are available for sport, emergency and disaster relief and arts and culture infrastructure.

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Coles Nurture Fund


Coles Supermarkets has launched an initiative to assist existing small to medium Australian producers, farmers and manufacturers to innovate and grow their business.

The Coles Nurture Fund (CNF) will allocate $50 million over five years intended to encourage businesses to develop new market-leading products, technologies, systems and processes.

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Country Arts Support Program 2019

#Not for profit

The Country Arts Support Program (CASP) supports locally initiated projects by not-for-profits, local government authorities and collectives in regional NSW.

Grants of up to $3,000 are available for short term, locally initiated arts and community projects delivered in the Orana Arts region.

Grants of $5,000 are available for projects involving partnership across the region. Applications close Friday 3 August and remember, all applicants must discuss their project with Orana Arts so get in touch with us via communications@oranaarts.com to get your project plan underway.

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Cyber Security Small Business Program


The Cyber Security Small Business Program will support small businesses across Australia to have their cyber security tested by a provider that has been approved by the Council of Registered Ethical Security Testers Australia New Zealand (CREST).

Grants will be provided to small businesses (19 or fewer employees) for up to 50% of the cost of a micro, small or standard certified small business check. The maximum grant amount is $2,100

Applications close: 30 June 2020

The program will close earlier if the funding is fully committed

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Dreams For A Better World

#Not for profit

Sunsuper’s community grants are here to give you a leg up, a helping hand to make your dream a reality.

If your not-for-profit organisation or community group dreams of helping to create brighter futures for Australians or a more active community or support others to live better we want to hear about it.

Round 3: Active Community closes 13 September 2019

If you’re looking for sports grants to help people of all ages and abilities be more active, or to improve the health and fitness of those in your community, apply for the Active Community grant. Or if you have a dream to create more active communities through health initiatives, wellbeing programs, or by tackling medical issues faced by the wider community they would like to hear from you.

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Drought Relief: Farm Household Allowance

The Australia Government is offering a Farm Household Allowance for farmers or partners of farmers who spend the majority of their time and capital working on the farm, to help with household bills and improve financial circumstances while in a period of severe drought.

The allowance is a fortnight payment for a maximum period of 4 cumulative years, with an Activity Supplement worth up to $4000 to put towards study, training or professional advice to help improve your financial position.

A Farm Household Case Officer will also be provided to work with you on your financial circumstances.

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Drought Relief: Heavy Vehicle Access


The NSW Government has announced changes to support access for heavy vehicles carrying larger loads, to safely and efficiently move feed, water and stock in response to drought conditions.

The changes allow for an increase in hay capacity of 21% compared to the current general access vehicles.

The changes also allow eligible vehicles transporting hay to travel under notice and without a permit, including B-doubles up to 26 metres long, 2.83 metres wide and 4.6m high.

On a case-by-case basis, provide access permits for trucks transporting loads of hay in excess of 4.6m high and refund National Heavy Vehicle Regulator and Roads and Maritime permit fees for drought relief applications.

For more information call the dedicated hotline at 1800 952 292 or follow the link.

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Drought Relief: Registration Waivers & Refunds


To give farmers and their families some much needed drought relief from 30 July 2018 the NSW Government is waiving registration charges on Class 1 agricultural vehicles.

Farmers across the state will also benefit from a rebate on heavy vehicle registration costs for the next 2 years. The rebate will apply to all primary producers who register or renew their heavy vehicle from 1 July 2018 up to 30 June 2020.

Primary producers may also be able to claim a refund on some past heavy vehicle registration charges paid from 1 July 2015 to 30 June 2018.

Affected primary producers will be contacted by mail and notified of he process to claim their refund.

A dedicated hotline is available one 1300 364 847

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Drought Relief: Transport Subsidies


The NSW Government has announced a $500 million Emergency Drought Relief Package to help farmers manage the effects of the current drought.

The major feature of the package is approximately $190 million for Drought Transport Subsidies. The subsidies can cover up to 50% of the full cost of transporting fodder, water for stock and livestock to pasture, slaughter or sale.

The NSW Government is offering a transport subsidy of up to $20,000 per farm business.

The relief measure can also be back-dated so farmers can access additinal subsidies for freight expenses incurred since January 1, 2018.

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Environment Restoration and Rehabilitation Grant


Grant applications are now open for funding of between $5,000 and $100,000 for community groups and local councils to promote the conservation and protection of the habitats of rare and endangered plants and animals.

The restoration and rehabilitation funding allows landholders, councils, government and community groups the chance to revive ecosystems, improve water quality and rehabilitate wetland areas.

This is one of Australia’s longest running programs and has been operating for 20 years.

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Export Market Development Grant


Financial support for current and aspiring SMEs to access new export markets. The scheme encourages businesses to engage in international marketing and promotion expenditure to achieve international sales. To apply, visit www.jobsfornsw.com.au

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Farm Innovation Fund


A loan scheme is available for capital works to a value of $250k for infrastructure to prepare for dry conditions (sheds, silos, water storage) to be more resilient and improve on-farm efficiency.

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Foundation for Rural & Regional Renewal (FRRR)


#Not for profit

FRRR champions the economic and social strength of Australia’s rural, regional and remote communities. One of the key ways that they support communities to achieve their aims is by offering a broad range of grant programs. Each grant program has individual parameters and areas of focus but all have a common requirement that funds be used for a charitable purpose that benefits the residents of Australia’s rural, regional or remote communities including:

  • People, place and prosperity grants
  • Targeted impact grants
  • Leading change grants


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Google Ad Grants

#Not for profit

Google Ad Grants offer up to $10,000 US of in-kind advertising every month for an online advertising solution from Google. You could recruit more volunteers, attract more donations, and share your story with audiences across the globe. To be eligible to apply your organisation must hold valid charity status

Government entities and organisations, hospitals and medical groups, schools, academic institutions and universities are not eligible.

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Grants for Growth


H&R Block is giving away grants of $10,000 to 20 small businesses as part of an incentive program to boost the marketplace.

Applicants will need to meet the criteria, be able to identify the ways in which H & R Block supports small business and explain why their business stands out through innovation, diversity, growth, customer service, investment in people or strategic thinking.

Businesses should have less than 20 employees and turnover less than $3M in annual revenue (including sole traders).

The funding opportunity is not restricted to H&R Block customers.

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Growing Local Economies


This fund has the aim of enabling infrastructure to grow regional centres by investing in crucial projects that are needed to support job creation and economic growth in regional NSW.

It is open to projects that are for the use and benefit of multiple organisations or businesses, enable or bring forward investment productivity improvements for new or existing industry, deliver a net economic benefit to residents and business located in NSW and would likely not proceed without NSW Government funding.

From Monday 20 August 2018, updated program guidelines provide that projects will now require a minimum financial co-contribution of 25% of the total grant amount.

An exemption may be granted where a project is located in a disadvantaged area of NSW.

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Impact Investment Ready Growth Grant

#Not for profit


The Impact Investment Ready Growth Grant, funded by the Australian Government Department of Social Services, provides impact businesses and mission-driven organisations with grants of up to $140,000 for business, financial, legal and other capacity building support from providers to secure investment.


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Jetstar Flying Start

#Not for profit

Helping Aussies make a difference

Jetstar’s Flying Start Program invites community groups and organisations across Australia to apply for a grant to fund a project that will enrich the lives of people in their local community.

Entry is open to not-for-profit community groups and organisations of any size, who are seeking funding to help enhance the lives of people in their local community; and can be classified into one of the following categories;

  • Charity
  • Educational and Health Organisations
  • Arts groups and organisations
  • Sporting groups or organisations
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Incubator Support Initiative


New guidelines have been introduced by the Federal Government for the Incubator Support Initiative, providing greater focus on regional projects, with 65 percent of funding to go to new and existing incubators projects where at least 80 percent of project activities are being undertaken in a regional area.

Changes include the introduction of four regional incubator facilitators to assist regional applicants to engage with the initiative and a new maximum grant amount for an expert in residence project of upto $100,000.

Information about the Incubator Support Initiative is available from the National Innovation & Science Agenda website.

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Inland Rail Sponsorships

Inland Rail is committed to supporting along the alignment, by making voluntary financial contributions to eligible community groups running events, projects and activities which contribute to local and regional prosperity, well-being and sustainability.

Financial requests between $1,000 and $4,000 will be considered from eligible community organisations.

September to November Round each year opens on the 1st of May and closes on the 31st of July.

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Innovation Fund for Regional and Small Publishers

The Australian Government has established the Regional and Small Publishers Innovation Fund (the Innovation Fund) to support regional and small publishers to transition to and compete more successfully in the evolving media environment.

The Regional Grant opportunity is an additional program under the Innovation Fund designed to make residual funding from round one of the Fund available to regional publishers and online content providers.

Grants are capped at $400,000 per applicant and are subject to the existing condition that the total grant amount awarded to any applicant under all grant opportunities in a financial year must not exceed $1 million.

Applications for the Regional Grant Opportunity close at 2pm on 14th June 2019.

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Local Sport Defibrillator Grant Program

#Not for profit

The Local Sport Defibrillator Grant Program allocates $4 million over four years to assist sporting clubs across NSW in the purchase and maintenance of Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs).

An AED is a life saving device which delivers a controlled shock to an individual experiencing cardiac arrest, increasing their chances of survival.

The Local Sports Defibrillator Grants Program provides NSW sports clubs and councils the opportunity to acquire an AED package for their club or sports facility at a reduced cost.

Applications close on the 6th of May 2019

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Managing Farm Risk Program


Insurance can significantly reduce the financial risk farmers face from production loss caused by factors beyond their control.

The Australia Government’s Managing Farm Risk Program provides rebates for advice and assessment to help farmers prepare and apply for a new insurance policy that assists with the management of drought and other production and market risks.

These one off rebates will be for half of the costs incurred by eligible farm businesses up to a maximum of $2500.

Applications close 31st of May 2019

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Manufacturing Efficiency Funding


Are you a manufacturing business interested in cutting thousands of dollars a year off your energy bills?

The NSW Government has $16.7 million in funding to help manufacturers save energy and money.

Matched funding is available up to $120,000 per manufacturing site is available for projects that save stationary energy (gas and electricity).

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Minimum Viable Product Grant


  • For promising pre-revenue startups
  • To progress from proof of concept stage to a minimum viable product
  • up to 50 per cent of approved project costs (to a maximum of $25,000)

To apply, visit www.jobsfornsw.com.au

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Murray Darling Basin Regional Business Accelerator Program

This program now available to help enterprises in the NSW Murray Darling Basin region to increase sales and create new jobs, in recognition of innovation in marketing and adoption of new technology as key enablers of regional business growth. Businesses demonstrating growth potential beyond local markets can apply for assistance to undertake marketing and technology upgrades. Eligibility will be based on:

  • the business being located in the NSW Murray Darling Basin
  • the operator having an ABN
  • not being  reliant on local markets for sales
  • having at least three years’ trading history
  • employment of at least three full time equivalent people, including working owners if they are active in the daily operations of the business
  • a strategy for growth
  • willingness to employ more people
  • having growth potential beyond local markets
  • project activities being completed within 90 days of date of offer
  • Competitive neutrality

To register your interest in this program, contact the nearest Office of Regional Development:

Dubbo 02 6883 3100 OR Dubbo@dpc.nsw.gov.au



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National Stronger Regions Fund

On Wednesday, 1st October, the Australian Government announced the opening of the new National Stronger Regions Fund (NSRF). This Fund will invest $1 billion over five years to promote economic development in Australia’s regions and is open to Local Government and incorporated not-for-profit organisations. Applicants are encouraged to seek the support of their Regional Development Australia (RDA) Committee for their project. RDA Committees can:

  • assist Applicants to identify and develop worthwhile project proposals that contribute to long term economic growth and have been identified as priorities within their region, and
  • work with Applicants to prepare competitive applications, supporting documents and evidence.
  • RDA Committees may also approach eligible organisations about developing an application for an infrastructure project or play a facilitation role by bringing key parties together, including those who may provide a financial contribution to the project.
  • RDA committees will not be involved in the appraisal or prioritisation of applications.

If you have any questions about the eligibility criteria or application process please email nsrf@infrastructure.gov.au. Please note that Round 3 is now closed and Round 4 has not yet been announced.

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Newcastle Permanent Charitable Foundation

#Not for profit

Have a project that needs funding?

The Charitable Foundation provides funding for community projects in the Central West & Orana.

The Charitable Foundation will consider applications from eligible charitable and not-for-profit organisations for important projects, initiatives and programs that address one or more of the following key focus areas:

  • Projects that provide improved health outcomes for the most disadvantaged, isolated and vulnerable in our community
  • Projects that provide improve life outcomes for marginalised and at-risk young people in our community
  • Projects that provide improved social wellbeing for the most disadvantaged or marginalised in our community

Round 2: Will open 23rd September 2019 and Close 28th October 2019.

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NSW Carers Award

#Not for profit

The NSW Carers Award recognises the remarkable contribution of unpaid carers, organisations, employers and carer groups from across the state. For information about the Awards and how to nominate, visit the website.

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NSW Regional Business Event Development Fund



The NSW Regional Business Event Development Fund is designed to help stakeholders create, attract and support exciting business events for Regional NSW and to support new business event initiatives aimed at enriching the events with opportunities offered by iconic towns and regions while helping secure successful conferences and business events for the future. The four streams of the program are:

  1. Creation of a New Business Event
  2. Attraction of an Existing Business Event
  3. Support for an Existing Business Event
  4. Support for a Business Event Project

Grant funding (from a pool of $500,000) will be offered until 30 June 2019. Funding is to be matched dollar for dollar by local communities, councils, entrepreneurs, associations, corporations, professional conference organisers or grants received by other Local, State and Federal Government Departments.

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NSW Regional Conferencing Development Grants


The Regional Conferencing Development Grants Pilot Program aims to assist stakeholders in the creation of new business events to be staged in regional NSW and/or to attract existing business events to regional locations. There is up to $100,000 available through Destination NSW or until funds are expended. For more information, visit the website.

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Qantas Regional Grants

#Not for profit

Qantas is on a mission to help brighten the futures of regional communities.

The Qantas Regional Grants program is offering a total of $5 million in grants over five years- $1 million each year- to Australia-based not-for-profit community groups, individuals, charities, projects and organisations that are seeking funding to provide direct service or benefit to regional Australia.

The grants will include a combination of flight, cash and marketing support (where relevant) and will be determined by a panel based on eligibility criteria. The grant funding will be distributed each year and awarded to at least one recipient.


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Regional Arts NSW Quick Response Grants

#Not for profit

Made available under the Regional Arts Fund allocation for NSW, Quick Response Grants offer funding of up to $1,500 for regional artists, art organisations and communities to respond to unique arts opportunities that present themselves at very short notice and could not be planned for. Opportunities that have been organised by the applicant or have involved an application process will not be accepted. The program is intended to:

  • Support professional development opportunities for artists and art workers involved in community programs that will increase their knowledge, skills and experience.
  • Support skills and or arts development for individuals

Quick Response Grants are offered on a quarterly basis

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Regional Cooperative Tourism Marketing Program


Regional Cooperative Tourism Program is available to undertake a Cooperative Tourism Program which will be lead by Destination NSW.

Available for local government, Destination Networks, tourism and sector organisations (GST registered), located or representing industry.

EOIs submitted through their online system will be considered where you and your partners have between $100,000 and $500,000 to invest, which would be matched dollar for dollar by Destination NSW.

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Regional Drought Communities Small Grants Program

#Not for profit

Not for profit community organisations can now apply for small grants to deliver projects in drought-affected areas, through the Federal Government’s $15 million investment in the Regional Drought Communities Small Grants Program.

The distribution of this funding will be managed by the Foundation for Rural and Regional Renewal, which is a non-government organisation that brings together investment for governments, business and other donors to support regional communities.

Grants of up to $20,000 are available, however a limited number of grants of up to $60,000 and $150,000 are also on offer.

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Regional Skills Relocation Grant


The NSW Government has established the Regional Relocation Grant to increase the availability of skilled and experienced workers for businesses setting up in, relocating to or existing in regional NSW.

Grants will be available for businesses operating in NSW regional eligible industries.

The funding is available to assist with the relocation costs of eligible skilled workers they employ that move from metropolitan areas to regional NSW.

Approved businesses will be reimbursed up to $10,000 to assist with the following relocation costs incurred by eligible workers they employ:

  • Furniture removal
  • Travel for immediate family to relocate
  • Temporary accomodation for up to three months
  • Furniture storage for up to three months

The NSW Government has committed $10 million for applications over the next four years- $2.5 million will be available each year, providing 250 grants of up to $10,000 Grants are available from 1 October 2018

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Regional Sports Infrastructure Fund NSW


With the aim of fostering the benefits of sport in communities, this fund will invest in new and existing facilities to improve the participation and performance in sports at all levels. The fund objectives are to:

  •  Increase the number and type of regional sporting facilities
  • Improve the standard of existing regional sporting facilities
  • Increase participation in sport

This fund focuses on larger sporting facilities that deliver the best regional outcomes for the community. The Regional Sports Infrastructure Fund provides grants between $1 million and $10 million for regional sport hubs or regularly significant sport facilities

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Regional Tourism Product Development Program


The Regional Tourism Product Development Program offers between $15,000 and $150,000 for eligible projects that satisfactorily meet the assessment criteria. The funding must be also matched dollar-for-dollar.

Proposals can be submitted by Local Government, tourism and sector organisations, including destination networks and industry, located or representing industry within the recognised destination networks.

Projects that will be considered include new accommodation, infrastructure, visitor signposting and tour development. The Regional Tourism Product Development Program offers between $15,000 and $150,000 for eligible projects that satisfactorily meet the assessment criteria.

The funding must be also matched dollar-for-dollar. Proposals can be submitted by Local Government, tourism and sector organisations, including destination networks and industry, located or representing industry within the recognised destination networks.

Projects that will be considered include new accommodation, infrastructure, visitor signposting and tour development.

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Regional Community Energy Fund


This program is designed to improve the reliability and affordability of energy for regional NSW communities. It consists of three initiatives:

  1. Regional Community Energy Fund providing grants towards community energy projects that create innovative and/or dispatchable renewable energy capacity that benefits the local community.
  2. Regional Community Energy Hubs improving access to expert energy advice to reduce bills for households and small businesses.
  3. Grants for regional and remote communities installing emergency backup systems for key evacuation locations, such as a town hall, to improve resilience and reduce energy costs during regular operations

Closes: 3 May 2019

Value: Up to $3.5 million matched per project

Run by: NSW Government Department of Planning and Environment

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Resilient Communities Small Grants

Local Land Services Central West believe supporting the communities in which we live will empower resilience and strength, particularly during difficult times.

Understanding that sometimes a small grant can have a significant impact, LLS are offering grants to community focused groups with a passion for what is important to them and their wider community.

Funding is made available through the Catchment Action NSW program and must align with:

  • Improving soil health
  • Supporting and protecting native vegetation and terrestrial habitat
  • Protecting and rehabilitating aquatic ecosystems
  • Protecting or preserving Cultural Heritage values
  • Maintaining or improving native plant and/ or animal species populations
  • Prevent spread and impact of pest animals collaboratively
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Resources for regions


While the mining industry makes a significant contribution to the economic prosperity of the state, the NSW Government recognises that this mining activity can place additional stress on regional communities and infrastructure.

This fund is geared at supporting job creation and economic growth in mining communities in regional NSW. The aim is to build infrastructure across health, water, road, education, tourism and CBD renewals to attract new business, tourists and residents.

Resources for Regions aims to deliver improved local infrastructure to mining-related communities and improve economic growth and productivity in NSW. Up to $50 million is available for Resources for Regions Round 6 in 2018-19.

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Rural and Regional Enterprise Scholarships

#Not for profit

The Rural and Regional Enterprise Scholarships Program is a Federal Government initiative that supports students with the cost of studying at university or at a vocational education and training institution.

The scholarships are valued at up to $18,000 each and are available to support students studying for six months full time or up to 8 years part-time, on campus, or through online and distance education.

Scholarships are for qualifications from Certificate IV; Diploma; Advanced Diploma or Associate Degree; Bachelor Degree; Bachelor Honours Degree, Graduate Certificate or Graduate Diploma; Master Degree or a Doctoral.

Round three has been expanded to include all areas of study.

Applications close 14 June 2019.

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State Heritage Emergency Works


The NSW Office of Environment and Heritage is offering grants of up to $10,000 to avert immediate risk of further damage caused by unexpected events to the heritage values of a State Heritage Register-listed item or item with a current Interim Heritage Order. Contact the State Heritage Emergency Works for more information.

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STEM Sponsorship Grants

#Not for profit

The latest round of the Australian Government’s Sponsorship Grants is now open to primary and high school students to participate in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) events.

This includes STEM conferences, competitions and other events in Australia and internationally.

The program offers grants of between $1000 and $20,000. Grants are capped at $1500 per student for domestic and $5000 per student for international events.

STEM events are a great way for young people to challenge themselves, learn and have fun at the same time. Students who develop skills in STEM have the potential to make a huge difference to Australia and the world through research and innovation.

These Sponsorship Grants are a fantastic opportunity for new experiences, and I encourage all young people in my electorate to apply. Applications for the Sponsorship Grants can be submitted online by a primary or secondary school, or an incorporated not for profit organisation.

Funding is allocated to eligible applicants in order of receipt until exhausted.

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Strengthening Rural Communities- Small & Vital


Rural, regional and remote Australia is home to nine million Australians. Many of those communities are small and all vital.

The Foundation for Rural and Regional Renewal donors share their commitment to small rural, regional and remote communities and the premise that local leaders are best placed to know what will make their community stronger.

That is why they collaborate to fund this grants program, which facilitates continued investment and access to funds that can contribute to securing the future prosperity of small communities across Australia.

For small communities , regular access to funds can be a challenge, which is why we have created the Strengthening Rural Communities (SRC) program. It has two tiers and the Small & Vital program is now open all year, with applications assessed quarterly.

Applicants who will be prioritised

  • Projects initiated and delivered by local community groups
  • Applications from communities fewer than 15,000 people
  • Organisations that do not have Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) Tax status.
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Stronger Communities Programme


The objective of the Stronger Communities Programme is to fund small capital projects which will deliver social benefits. The programme aims to improve local community participation, cohesion and contribute to vibrant and viable communities. Key aspects:

  • Federal Members of Parliament (MPs) will establish a community consultation committee to undertake consultation in their electorate to identify eligible projects and invite applicants to apply.
  • Local government and incorporated not-for-profit organisations are eligible to apply.
  • Grants of between $5,000 and up to a maximum of $20,000 are available.
  • Applicants are required to confirm matched funding in cash or in-kind on at least a dollar-for-dollar basis.
  • Applicants will be invited to apply by MPs following community consultation. All applications must be submitted to MPs using the Department’s Grants Management System (GMS) Portal.
  • MPs will select projects from their electorate, totalling no more than $150,000 per year, and submit these projects to the Department for assessment against the requirements of the Guidelines.

To access information about the programme, including guidelines and guidance for Members of Parliament, please visit the Stronger Communities Programme webpage.

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Supporting Younger Veterans Program

#Not for profit

The Supporting Younger Veterans program aims to foster the ability of ex-service organisations (ESOs) and non ex-service organisations to support the needs of younger veterans as they transition out of the Australian Defence Force (ADF), establish themselves into civilian life, and manage the challenges that their ADF service presents through different stages of their civilian life.

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Youth Innovation Grants

As part of the ABC’s Heywire program, which puts young Australians at the centre of the conversations that shape their communities, Youth Innovation Grants of up to $10,000 are available from the Foundation for Rural and Regional Renewal (FRRR) to help improve regional Australia for young people.

The 2019 round opens on the 15th of April, with 7 project themes:

  • CEO- Conquer Every Opportunity
  • Walk and Talk
  • Shed Happens
  • Bridge
  • Ask Away
  • Adulting
  • Our Place
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Volunteer Grants

#Not for profit

Eligible community and not-for-profit organisations can now apply for a share of $20 million of Australian Government funding to support their volunteers. This funding will help make their work easier, safer and more rewarding.

Volunteer grants aim to support the efforts of Australia’s volunteers. The grants provide small amounts of money that organisations and community groups can use to help their volunteers.

The grants form part of the Government’s work to support the volunteers who help disadvantaged Australian communities and encourage inclusion of vulnerable people in community life.

One off grants of between $1000 and $5000 are available to organisations to support their volunteers through practical measures such as the purchase of equipment, reimbursement for the cost of fuel, training and screening checks.

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Wine Export Grants


Wine Australia is inviting small and medium Australian wine businesses to apply for the Wine Export Grants program, as part of the Australian Government’s $50 million Export and Regional Wine Support Package.

Wine Export Grants are offered for specific wine export promotion activities aimed at supporting small and medium wine businesses to secure new distribution channels in China, Hong Kong, Macau and/ or the USA.

Eligible wine businesses can claim a reimbursement grant of up to AU$25,000 for 50% of total eligible expenses incurred on or after 1 January 2018.

There is $1.5 million allocated to the grant program and applications will close on 1 May 2020, or on the expiration of funds, whichever comes first.

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