Stakeholder engagement focus in Narromine

16 October 2019

RDA Orana’s support of a roundtable session in Narromine enabled stakeholders to have input into Infrastructure Australia’s recent audit which includes strategic planning for the future.

RDA Orana Deputy Chair Tracy McIntyre was pleased to have the opportunity to engage with the Infrastructure Australia representatives and focus on regional priorities including resource management and future development.

“I think it was great that they came to Narromine, and we are actually getting people on the ground which is good.”

“Their planning and structure of the day was really good and it was good that they are listening to people.”

Narromine was identified as being representative of one of the key geographic categories identified by the audit.

The categories are fast-growing cities, small cities and regional centres, small towns, rural communities and remote areas and developing regions and northern Australia.

“We talked about hubs and spokes but I think that smaller centres can also be identified as hubs to outlying areas in the same way as regional locations,” Mrs McIntyre said.

The audit identified the challenges and opportunities facing infrastructure in the next 15 years and beyond. The community feedback from a range of stakeholders was vital to shaping the future of the region.

“To work out where we were going and what we needed was really good, to focus on the needs of a diverse and growing population.”

The session included a presentation by Infrastructure Australia which was followed by the structured engagement session.