The agricultural industry in Orana is broad and extensive, forming the backbone of the local economy. It stems across dryland cropping, irrigation, horticulture, viticulture and orchard growing and includes production of cereals, legumes, oilseeds, hay and cotton.

Crops include wheat, chickpeas, barley, lupins, canola and oats which are grown in rotation, along with sorghum, field peas, mung beans and faba beans. Livestock production and its by-products includes sheep, cattle, goats, pigs, poultry, dairy and wool.

Companies include:

  • Landmark
  • Delta Agribusiness
  • Elders
  • AGnVET
  • CRT
  • Cotton Growers Services
  • Pursehouse Rural
  • AMPS Commercial

Competitive advantage

The anticipated growth in demand for food and agricultural products in other countries is providing opportunities for further export of food manufactured from the Orana region. Numerous free trade agreements in operation will facilitate flow of locally grown agricultural produce and value-added food products from Australia. Global growth is leading to increased demand for quality volumes of produce, providing opportunities for the Australian agricultural sector to grow in export significance.

Workforce support

The agricultural industry is composed of a wide range of people which includes farmers, graziers and other primary producers. It is very diverse, so it is supported by a range of other sectors. Primary production in Orana supports a significant value chain including transport and logistics, servicing and farm supplies and manufacturing and processing of primary produce. Without agriculture, many of the smaller communities either would not exist or would not be sustainable and this is also true of the industries which support it, with products, equipment, machinery and everyday resources.

Research infrastructure

Agriculture and the value chain provide significant employment and exports from the region. The main regional agricultural commodities have shown sustained growth in terms of value of production. The continued success of agriculture will be vital to the prosperity and growth prospects of the region.


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