Who are we?

The Orana region stretches across the Central West and Western region of NSW, it is the largest and most diverse region in the State covering an area of 25% of NSW. The region encompasses 12 Local Government areas, with major regional towns including Dubbo and Mudgee.

It is estimated that over 49,800 people are working in the Orana region, representing 1.49% of the 3.358,119 people working in NSW. Currently there are 6,711 people working in agriculture, 6,672 people working in health care and social assistance, 4,889 people working in retail and 4,811 people working in Education & Training.

The output generated by the Orana economy is estimated at over $16 billion, with a low unemployment rate of 2.2% reported in June 2018.


The large majority of occupations in the Orana region currently in 16, 627 professions, 7,756 technicians and trade professionals, 5,959 community and personal services workers and 5,493 clerical and administrative workers.

Major Centres

The Orana region is home to a number of very productive rural centres that play an important role in sustaining our nations agricultural history. These centres have a proud history and are a significant part of the fabric of our society. RDA Orana is committed to promoting the Orana Region as a place to live and work and supporting employers to attract staff.


Dubbo is a thriving and dynamic, offering a quality lifestyle, affordable housing, career opportunities and quality education options. With over 52,000 people calling Dubbo home, it is the largest centre in the Orana region. Dubbo is ideally located at the intersection of major routes for road, rail and air transport and its economic strength lies heavily in the diversity of industries that reinforce its role as a vibrant regional service centre supported by a thriving retail sector and over 4,500 registered businesses.

The main industries in Dubbo are: health, retail, education, government services, tourism, manufacturing, construction, agriculture, business services and transport. Dubbo makes up over $3.4 billion of the Orana Region’s Gross Regional Product.


Mudgee has a dynamic and friendly community with a strong and diverse economic base, providing opportunities for future business development and growth. The Region attracts almost 528,000 visitors each year to experience local wine, food, sporting and cultural events.

Mid-Western (Mudgee) Region is home to more than 24,000 people making up over $1.7 billion of the Orana Region’s Gross Regional Product. A key feature of the region’s economy is it diversity. It offers job and business opportunities in a number of industries, including agriculture viticulture, tourism and mining.

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