DAMA Occupation List

Occupations included in the Orana DAMA

The table shows occupations that are eligible for sponsorship under the Orana Designated Area Migration Agreement (DAMA).

It also shows the concessions that may be applied to the relevant occupations. For specific information that relates to each concession see this page


ANZSCOSkill LevelOccupationSkills/Work Experience ConcessionTSMIT ConcessionEnglish Language ConcessionPR Pathway
4231114Aged or Disabled CarerYYTSS to ENS
7211114Agricultural and Hoticultural Mobile Plant OperatorYYYTSS to ENS
311112Agricultural TechnicianYYTSS to ENS
2532111AnaesthetistTSS to ENS
3512113Butcher or Smallgoods MakerYYTSS to ENS
3513112ChefYTSS to ENS
4211114Child Care WorkerYYTSS to ENS
2533121DentistTSS to ENS
7122114DrillerTSS to ENS
3411123Electrician (Special Class)TSS to ENS
2539121Emergency Medicine SpecialistTSS to ENS
4114112Enrolled NurseTSS to ENS
3232113Fitter (General)YTSS to ENS
3232123Fitter and TurnerYTSS to ENS
2531111General Medical PractitionerTSS to ENS
1499992Hospitality, Retail and Service Managers (nec)YTSS to ENS
8312114Meat Boner and SlicerYTSS to ENS
2346111Medical Laboratory ScientistYTSS to ENS
3223113Metal FabricatorYTSS to ENS
3232993Metal Fitters and Machinists (nec)YTSS to ENS
3232143Metal Machinist (First Class)YTSS to ENS
7122124MinerYYTSS to ENS
7219994Mobile Plant Operators(nec)YYTSS to ENS
4233124Nursing Support WorkerYYTSS to ENS
4233134Personal Care AssistantYYTSS to ENS
2544121Registered Nurse (Aged Care)TSS to ENS
2531121Resident Medical OfficerTSS to ENS
4117152Residential Care OfficerYTSS to ENS
8312124SlaughtererYTSS to ENS
3311123StonemasonYYTSS to ENS
3121162Surveying or Spacial Science TechnicianTSS to ENS
7331114Truck Driver (General)YYYTSS to ENS
3223133Welder (First Class)YTSS to ENS

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