DAMA Concessions

DAMA concessions and what they mean

The Migration Act (1958) and Migration Regulations (1994) outline the eligibility criteria for the approval of employer nomination applications and grant of employee visa applications.

Under the Orana DAMA, specific variations to the eligibility requirements have been negotiated between RDA Orana and the Australian Government. These arrangements allow some flexibility to recruit staff members who may not quite meet the standard visa criteria but are still able to safely perform the functions of the intended role.

Not all concessions are available for all roles, and for some roles, there are no available concessions.  For more information on the types of concessions, please refer to the relevant tables on each concession page listed below.

The Orana DAMA as a path to permanent residence

For all occupations on the Orana DAMA Occupations list, a permanent residence pathway may be available through the ENS (subclass 186) visa, after having lived and worked in the Orana region for three years on a TSS visa granted under the Orana DAMA.

There are some additional requirements. If you require further information please contact dama@rdaorana.org.au.

Age Concessions

The Orana DAMA now has age concessions available. These depend on skill level. For occupations with Skill Level 1-4, an age concession of up to 55 years of age is available.

Please note: All concessions need to be applied. Please request it in your application if needed.

For occupations with Skill Level 5, the age concession is up to 50 years of age.

English Concession

Temporary Skilled Migration Income Threshold (TSMIT) Concession

Skills, Qualifications, or Experience Concession

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