Mining has become a huge industry in the Orana, with commodities including coal, silver, lead, zinc, copper, gold and rare earths. The industry has enhanced the region, adding jobs for local workers and boosting the economy. The mining sector’s contribution is significant in terms of jobs, investment and stimulating commercial activity, so it is important to continue harnessing this level of activity.

Companies include:

  • Endeavour Operations
  • Alkane Resources
  • CSA
  • Auralia
  • Moolarben
  • Coal Services


Competitive advantage

Mining brings money into rural and regional areas, thanks to investments made by large mining companies and their wealthy investors. This works on a number of levels, by exposing local areas to new industry, by boosting supply industries and by giving local workers the opportunity for a new challenge.


Workforce support

The mining industry is well-supported by the transport and agricultural sectors, which are active in all Local Government areas of the Orana region. In turn, these sectors are assisted by manufacturing which continues to strengthen the economy through product suppliers.


Research infrastructure

The modern world is heavily reliant on the mining industry because almost everything in our built environment contains elements extracted from the earth. New mining technologies and efficiencies have reduced the environmental impact but the complex relationship between the mining industry and local communities needs to continue being acknowledged in order to have a thriving and respected business environment with positive social and economic benefits.

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